Letter to Client, Coworker, Management bidding Farewell

When an employee is leaving a job, it is courteous to leave with a positive note. In order to do so, one can write a farewell letter to the management, co-workers or clients. This letter serves as a mean of expressing one’s appreciation and acknowledgement towards one’s work place when it is time to leave.

Writing such a letter may seem like an easy task. However, there are some points to keep in mind while drafting an official farewell letter. The following tips can help anyone make it simple to say goodbye in a formal yet friendly manner.

A Positive Tone

A positive tone must be maintained throughout the letter. It is not advised to mention any bitter experiences or unpleasant happenings that may have occurred during your work tenure. A farewell note must always mention good memories. The writer can appreciate the company’s work environment and praise the management for its influential role. Likewise, coworkers can be appreciated for their positive contributions. When leaving, an employee must acknowledge that it has been a good experience working with the management or with a certain client. This shows a polite behavior which keeps you in everyone’s good books when you leave a job.

Expressing Gratitude

The writer must also thank the management, co-workers or clients in this letter. A client should be thanked for providing the opportunity to work for him and putting his faith and trust in you for the job. In the same way, you should also express how grateful you are to your management for its support, guidance, and supervision. The management deserves this simple expression of gratitude to groom employees professionally and helps them enhance their work experience. On the other hand, the coworkers can be thanked for their overall cooperation during your work tenure.

Keeping it Brief

A farewell letter must fulfill its purpose in a comprehensive way. Unnecessary details should be avoided. For instance, there is no need to mention any specific events or job details. The writer should stick to the point and keep the letter brief.

Mention Achievements and Milestones

You may mention noteworthy achievements or milestones that you accomplished for your organization or your clients. However, this should be stated briefly without lengthy details. This part of the letter will help your organization or client always remember you in a good way.

Ending with a Friendly Note

In the end, you should once again emphasize that it has been a great experience working with your management and your coworkers. Although you are leaving the current job, you can mention that you would be happy to work for your management or client in future again. This is a great way of saying farewell with a positive and friendly ending note.

Sample Letter

Since this is my last week working for XYZ Corporation, I would like to wind up with a positive note for the management and my coworkers. It has been an unforgettable experience to work as the company’s (job post) for the past 8 years. I am grateful to my entire team for supporting my professional as well as personal growth.

I would like to thank all my superiors, especially Mr. ABC – the Senior Supervisor – for being a constant source of guidance. I shall always value his advice as his counseling always helped me overcome obstacles in my professional life. Likewise, I would also like to appreciate the entire management for its support towards my work and constructive feedback that helped me bring further improvements.  

It has been a pleasure working with all my team members who made a perfect group of coworkers. There has always been a healthy atmosphere in the office owing to how helpful and cooperative everyone has been. I apologize for anything I may have done unintentionally during these 8 years to cause resentment to any of my colleagues.

Although I am excited about my new venture abroad, I am leaving this place with a heavy heart. I am sure it will be hard to find such supportive management and cooperative coworkers at any other job place. I cannot thank XYZ enough for letting me serve such a prestigious company and gain this wonderful experience. It would be an honor to work with you again in future.

Letter to Client, Coworker, Management bidding Farewell

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