Farewell Letter to Someone who is Retiring

Retirement is an important milestone in a person’s life as it brings a significant change. It is a time when a person is faced with mixed emotions. There are excitement and relief as well as feelings of sadness when one leaves a job he has been doing for years. A retiring person is presented with farewell gifts, dinner parties and luncheons. A farewell letter written by the office management or a colleague is also one of the memorable goodbye gestures received at the same time.

The letter is a formal way of expressing your thoughts for a retiring coworker. Itconsists of acknowledgements and wishes with an overall positive tone.

The main features of this type of farewell letter are discussed below.

Congratulations on Retirement

Retirement is a time when an individual has successfully completed his work tenure. Therefore, the letter should begin by congratulating him for his accomplishment. This is a happy time when a person feels that he has been relieved of his work responsibilities. He can now enjoy a relaxing routine at home. He may also now pursue his hobbies as he no longer has the burden of professional responsibilities. He must, therefore, be congratulated for having achieved this consequential milestone in life.

Recognition and Acknowledgement

The letter also acknowledges the major breakthroughs of a person’s career. The writer must appreciate him for his hard work. Do not mention any shortcomings he might have had or how he could have done things differently in his professional life for better results. Instead, focus on the positive qualities of the person and only discuss his accomplishments. While bidding farewell to a retiring person, it is courteous to praise him for all that he has done to fulfill his professional responsibilities.

Retirement Wishes

An important part of the letter is your wishes for the retiring person. Wish him good luck for the future and encourage him for his next plans. As a friendly thought, you may also state that he will always be in your prayers. As a retiring person is not sure about what the future brings, such wishes will help alleviate his apprehensions and will make him feel moreoptimistic


Often, a retiring person has been so used to his work routine that he feels unsure about what he is going to do with his spare time. He may even be feeling down about the fact he will no longer be working. These are common feelings faced at retirement. Therefore, a farewell letter should include a few friendly suggestions – practical ideas that will make the reader eager to try them out. For instance, you may suggest a vacation plan or recommend a music class. Of course, a retiring person will have his own plans but your ideas can also provide a new insight to him.

Maintaining a Positive Tone

The entire letter must consist of a friendly and positive tone. Although you may express your sad feelings for the leaving person, there should be no indication of resentment. A farewell message must be conveyed with a happy and satisfied expression.

Sample Letter

Dear (Recipient’s Name)

I would like to congratulate you on successfully completing your work tenure at ABC Company. It surely is a well-deserved retirement for you after 20 years of diligent and hard work. As your coworker, I feel happy for you since now you can finally enjoy a relaxing time with your family.

You have been a great asset to the organization. Our projects always succeeded under your guidance. As the company’s (job title), you brought many valuable clients through your sincere hard work. Everyone at the office will always remember you as an inspiration.

As a colleague, it has been a great experience working with you. I shall always remain thankful to you for all your support and guidance over the years. I must say I have become quite accustomed to taking your advice before performing any major office tasks. You will surely be missed greatly.

I wish you all the best for your future. You have devoted your precious time for the company all these years. It is now time that your family enjoys your time and presence. I suggest you plan a family vacation to celebrate your retirement. Do visit the mountains for a peaceful retreat to take a break from this city life that you have been living for years.

I am sure you are going to miss the office as much as we are going to miss you here. You are welcome to visit us any time you like. It will be a pleasure to see you again. So, drop in whenever you feel like.

Farewell Letter to Someone who is Retiring

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