Letter to Cool Down Employee Who Resigned being Furious

Letter -1

Re. Reviewing the Tussle Stemmed by the Resignation of You Submitted on 04-01-20XX on the Account of Misdemeanor and Maladministration of the HR Department

Dear Swan,

This letter serves to negotiate the recent fiery event that occurred in the office on 04-01-20XX and your immediate reaction to the tussle in the form of submitting a resignation.

Mr. Swan, you have been working in this organization for six years and you always have been considered an asset to our organization and always regarded for the services you render. While talking about the subject, I want to bring your attention to the matter of your resignation highlighting the reasons behind it.

It is clear from your immediate reaction that your response was filled with fury and you were not mentally stable enough to make a sane decision. Therefore, I am writing this letter to calm you down so that you can think otherwise.

An appropriate approach will make you think of the pros and cons of quitting the job this way. Moreover, quitting the job is not the only solution where one can file a complaint against the culprit. I assure you a fair and transparent trial and profound investigation of the matter seeking if the HR Department has been involved in maladministration and misdemeanor. For the inquiry, we need your complete assistance and cooperation. I firmly believe that you are an intrepid person who can stand with the casualties and throngs of badgering.

I implore you not to be reticent but intrepid and blunt ample for the inquiry. If the HR department found guilty, we assure you of a good deal of compensation for the inconvenience you bore. For more, you can write to me at [email] or call me at +[X]. Thank you.


Jill Heck
The General Manager
EMMAX Groups of Information Technology
23/D-9 California, USA

Letter to Cool Down Employee Who Resigned being Furious

Letter -2

Re. Negotiating on the Unanticipated Submission of Your Resignation Followed by the Harsh Talk with the Supervisor. 

Dear Emily,

This letter has been penned to you with reference to the subject cited above. On 4th January 20XX, I received a call from the HR department who informed me that you have submitted your resignation without any benefits to the company. The reason behind it was indicated to be the verbal fight between you and Mr. Lock from the Finance Department. As reported, both of you exchanged harsh words and communicated unprofessionally.

Emily, there is a certain set of rules and regulations that are made to behave and stay professional in all kinds of circumstances. I think it was more appropriate to negotiate on the matter and find a more suitable solution than directly submitting the resignation.

I hope the resignation you submitted was out of anger and furiousness which I have not approved yet. I think you should take more time to calm down, sit, and talk about the matter and other possible solutions. Resigning from the job will not only risk your financial pace but can also damage your profile. I hope you will ascend to my suggestions and take time to decide after reviewing your decision to resign or quit from the job. Please let me know your thoughts.


Heller Stick
The Manager
JKL Group of Textile

Letter to Cool Down Employee Who Resigned being Furious

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