Angry Reply to Employee Who Resigned on Email

Letter -1

Re: Responding to the Unanticipated Resignation via Email on 05-01-20XX

Dear Nicholas,

It is regretful and disappointing to state the matter here which can be referred to as the above-cited subject. I received an email from your account in which you sent me two lines telling me that you are quitting this job and will not be appearing at work from [DATE]. I am unable to understand what triggered you to make such a grave decision abruptly while you were present in the office today and worked ordinarily without displaying a tinge of disapproval or tendency to quit the job.

I am unaware of the reason behind your resignation. Following this, I am sorry to state that you should have professional manners to communicate with the office properly.

Resignations and terminations come with a complete code of conduct and set of rules. If these rules or codes of conduct negated by the employee or employer, it can create a big mess in the form of litigation and putting legal trials on the culprits.

The company has a policy for resignations which primarily states that one cannot resign via email, text message, or phone call. One has to write a resignation letter to the employer or Human Resources at least fifteen to thirty days prior to the relieving date. If not, then the employer or the company does not owe any benefits to the employee who is going to resign. Moreover, as it can create huge trouble for the company while resigning amidst such an important period of the session, the employer or company can put certain litigation on the employee thus resigning. Along with all this, the company is not liable to return any of the security funds or last months’ due in such cases.

In the wake of the above-mentioned statements, you are directed to visit the HR office and complete the procedure of resigning from the designation otherwise company will not owe any due or other benefits to you. You can contact us at +[X] in this regard.


Lock Re Mishtel
EMMAX Groups of IT and Software
Local Hill Avenue, California, USA

Angry Reply to Employee Who Resigned on Email

Letter -2

Re: Responding to the Resignation Notification Sent Via Email without Prior Notice

Dear Erica,

The letter has been penned to you to respond to the resignation notification sent by you via email on the email account of the HR Manager. Dear Erica, I believe you could not learn the basic professional etiquette to work in a corporate firm. This is astonishingly bizarre to look at your resignation notification sent written in two lines via email informing the HR Manager that you will join the office anymore. This is very disappointing at your end that you even do not understand how to quit the job while working at such an important designation.

This is an unacceptable attitude and your resignation cannot be approved in this way. To get the resignation letter approved, one has to submit the notice at least fifteen days before the date of quitting the job. Moreover, sending two lines via email is not an acceptable and standard way of quitting the job. I am extremely disappointed to look at the unprofessional and crude behavior of yours despite working in this firm for three years. I am sad that the company could not teach you basic manners and professional and identical ways of getting things done.

I have declined to approve your resignation, thus, please come to the office and visit Human Resources for the appropriate procedure. Otherwise, we shall not owe you resignation/termination policy benefits. You can contact on this number for further details: [X].


Steelman Inks
The General Manager, AGRO Pharmaceuticals
23-A OPI Square, California, USA

Angry Reply to Employee Who Resigned on Email

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