Letter to Transport Services for Best Price

Negotiations play a vital role when buying or selling a product or service. Whenever individual wishes to purchase a product or a service and feels that the price of the respective thing is too high, he may propose to the seller a price that would be best for his benefit thus making him gain more customers. The letter through which a probable buyer suggests a price range to the seller is known as the letter for the best price. In this letter, the buyer suggests the seller a variable range of prices which may attract many other buyers in the best possible interest of the seller.

The seller accepts the probable price range depending upon his business capacity. Through the letter, the buyer only intends to suggest a possible price range to the seller which in his point of view would best suit his business. It is not a forceful act that may be imposed on the seller to which he is bound to follow.

The letter opens up by buyer showing interest in the product or service being given at a particular time. Then declaring the prices given by the seller and further proposing the price range that he thinks might benefit him as a buyer and the seller. Basically, you as a buyer want to avail of the services provided to you but you negotiate over the price given to you.

Sample letter

Mr. James
ABC Transport Company
West London.

Mr. Green.
ABC Razor
West London.

Dated: 18th October 20XX

Subject: Letter for best price

Respected Mr. James,

My name is Green, and I have been in the business of manufacturing razors for the past 10 years. Earlier I was in North London but due to expansion in business, I had to move here to Westwood. I had heard a lot about your transportation company and was interested to take your services for my razor transportation. I had done wide market research and had decided to take your services if things went well between us.

On doing market research I had felt that your company is offering a higher price than the other transporters because you have limited drivers who serve limited routes. Mr. James, I really wish to work with you in the future as you enjoy a very good repute in town but due to the fair prices at the moment, it seems difficult for me to do so.

Through this letter, I intend to request you that if you could take time out of your busy schedule and devise a list of best prices so we can negotiate over them and take a middle way that suits both of us. I assure you that your company will never regret working with us. Mr. James, you can surely take as much time as you need to think over it and then we can have a meeting at your convenience.

Looking forward to a positive reply from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Green
ABC razor.
West London

Letter to Transport Services for Best Price

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