Immediate Termination Letter for Violating Company Policy

Every company or institution has predefined a set of rules and regulations that need adherence to its employees. These policies are generally recorded and kept in written form as well, for easy access to employees. Whenever a new employee is hired, s/he is briefed as to how for the larger interest of the company, these procedures and rules need to be followed in true letter and spirit.

Letter of Termination


Companies frequently see continuous violations and breach of policies. Verbal and then further written warnings are issued to the employees carrying out such violations along with counseling sessions that can also be held to improve the behavior of such employees. A time however comes when all the methods for rectifying an employee’s conduct get exhausted and the only option is to issue him /her with an immediate termination letter.

A letter of termination is fundamentally a part of every company; small or large. It is considered a termination letter only if all the pertinent reasons are explicitly mentioned in it.

Contents of a Letter of Termination.

Since every employee has to adhere to the policies in letter and spirit, therefore on their violation a company has an undeniable right to terminate the contract of any employee.

A letter of termination is essentially a letter written by the Human Resource Management department of any company addressed to the violator (employee) to state the reasons on which basis the contract has been terminated. It also states the date from which the termination will be effective and any right of the appeal which an employee can exercise on receipt of the letter. A single termination letter cannot be used as a flat formula sample on all the employees as every employee will have different reasons for their termination.


A customized termination letter sample is as under: –

{Date the termination letter is drafted}

{Name of the person drafting the letter and department}

{Company Name}

{Company’s Address, Zip code}

{Email id, contact number}

To:       {Mr./Miss [X], appointment, name of department}

Cc:       {Mention name of CEO Company}

Subject: Notice of Termination        

This IS NOT a warning letter.

Dear    Mr./Miss [X],

It is to inform you that the competent authorities have decided to terminate your contract with the company. Your termination stands effective from {mention date}. The action has been taken owing to your constant violation of company policies. You have been warned time and again verbally as well as in writing {mention the warning letters written with dates}, which have been signed by you. Even after the last warning, you assured the authorities that you will be careful of your conduct failing which this decision has been affected. For your remembrance, the details of violations are also attached to this letter {attach the nature of violations and the dates when they were committed}.

The finance department has intimated that you have received your paycheque till {mention date}, your remaining dues will be made available to you on {mention date}. You can collect them from the Finance department, on which receipt you will be required to make signatures, and issue a certificate stating that no outstanding dues remain with the company.

In case you want to appeal against this decision, you need to contact the HR department via mail. The mail should not be sent later than {mention date and time}.

We wish the very best of luck in your future endeavors and regret to take these measures which were deemed necessary at this point in time.


{Name, Appointment, Department of the person drafting the letter}

Immediate Termination Letter for Violating Company Policy

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