Positive Reply Letter for Customer Complaint

Whenever an individual buys something from a shop he is either satisfied by the product/service he gets or dissatisfied. Satisfaction would lead to him buying more products or avail more of the shop’s services and dissatisfaction would make him stop buying any further from the shop. In case a customer becomes satisfied by the purchase he has made, the shopkeeper will hear positive words from him but in case it leaves the shop dissatisfied this probable positivity will change into negativity.

The act of a customer being dissatisfied with a product or service would lead him to launch a complaint against the shop which will be drafted in a letter written by the customer himself. This particular piece of paper whereby a customer writes down a complaint regarding any product or a service is known as a letter of complaint.

The tone of the letter should not be harsh enough which would, in turn, make the seller ignore your complaint in the very first place it should rather be written in an encouraging tone which will make the seller attend to your needs first thus following your complaint.

A good seller will always reply to his customer in a positive manner as he would never wish to lose his customer at any cost. He would not only look forward to the complaint but also provide for an alternate for satisfying his customer. A good seller will always accept his mistake and write an apology letter to the customer if he is dissatisfied by buying from him. A bad approach when dealing with customer complaints would be simply closing all the possibilities of change for the customer and not accepting that a mistake was made by you as a seller.

The reply letter to a customer complaint will start by referencing the complaint the customer had made to you on a particular day and then accepting that a mistake was made in attending to the customer and in the light of the acceptance making an apology to the customer for unsatisfactory product or service provided by you. In the end, the seller must provide the customer with a solution to his complaint so that he as a customer may make future purchases from you.

Sample letter

To, Mr. Green
Complaint reference number:  [X]
Email address: [email]
Contact number: [X]

From, Mr. James,
Emporium Mall.

Respected Sir,

This letter is with reference to your complaint number [X] regarding the shirts you had purchased online from us on 17th October 20XX. We are extremely sorry that the articles you had requested were changed when you had got them delivered at your end. We understand how much this had been upsetting for you. You had waited for a period of 4 to 5 days for delivery and the day of delivery the wrong articles were handed over to you by us.

We sincerely apologize to you for not delivering you the right shirts. We have already decided on the next delivery at your place and this time you will not have to pay for the delivery charges taken by us. The requested shirts have been packed for shipment at your place and you will soon get an email from our team that tomorrow the shirts will be delivered to you.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you by us. We hope that you will keep purchasing from us.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. James,
Emporium Mall

Positive Reply Letter for Customer Complaint

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