Monday Friday Absenteeism Warning Letter

The purpose of writing this letter is to warn all those employees who remain absent on Friday and Monday. These two days are considered as most important from a working point of view. The situation has become alarming and management has raised grave concerns over it. You have full right to avail of two holidays per month. It becomes stressful when you miss two important working days of a week which causes a ripple effect and it produces a bad impact on workload management and teamwork.

The company has laid down its policy regarding holidays. Accordingly, an employee can take his days off on Friday or Monday only in special circumstances like death, illness of a family member, or during a natural disaster.

As you know new work is assigned on Monday and Friday specifically meant for its proper closure. Unfortunately, most of the employees have been found absent on these days deliberately. This non-serious attitude of employees is disastrous in itself.

It is internationally proven that employees become exhausted after the hectic working routine of the whole week. But, two days are enough to refill the energy for the next week. This is beyond my understanding level why do you add Monday and Friday to make it sandwiched holidays?

The company has taken serious notice of the overall scenario. It has been decided that the salary of all those employees will be deducted who are found absent on these specific days. Moreover, the lack of interest in the job is dangerous for our reputation and the company cannot withstand it anymore. Employees are also warned to stop this malpractice otherwise their frequent absenteeism will be leading to straight dismissal without issuing any advance notice.

This is expected from all the employees that they will take this warning letter seriously and ensure their presence on Mondays and Fridays.

A remarkable and positive change in behavior is being awaited from your side.

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Subject: Monday Friday absenteeism on frequent

Dear Employees,

I am writing this warning letter after observing a lot of discrepancies in your online attendance portal. In my last meeting, it was reported by the manager that many employees have started availing holidays on Friday and Monday which is not a good practice at all. I have been ignoring his complaint but it has been reported that most of you have made it your bad habit. Therefore, owing to this malpractice, I have been compelled to write this warning letter.

As you know that holidays in conjunction with weekends are allowed only in special circumstances which are beyond a man’s control. Monday and Friday are regarded as the most important days of the week from a working point of you. Unfortunately, you are taking these as your holidays and it shows your negligence.

This issue was raised and discussed in our last meeting with the board of directors the continuous absence of employees is causing serious problems for the company. It becomes dangerous when you start combining your holidays with weekends. Owing to bad practice, the company has suffered a lot because assigned work is not being completed as per schedule.

This is the first and last warning letter and management is not taking any serious action. Please take good care of your attendance and do not make Monday and Friday your off days. If you continue with this malpractice, your performance evaluation report will not be written in good words and you know better how badly it can affect your chances of promotion.

I hope everything has been clarified through this letter and now a positive response is being awaited from your side.

Monday Friday absenteeism warning letter

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