Sponsorship Letter for Football Team

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to request sponsorship for my football team. I have been running Stars Football Club for the last five years. In this short span of time, more than 500 people have become members of this club. We are providing world-class training facilities to all members. With the help of business giants, we arrange a football league every December. The said league is expected to be held very soon and I am asking for sponsorship for my football team through this letter.

By virtue of this sponsorship, you will take a great chance to involve yourself in the community. It is an alternative way to promote your business in the national and international markets. This year we are going to play against many teams through the league system which will last for 2 months.

Imagine that moment when players will be contesting against opponents. It would be a pleasure for you to see all those players who will wear the shirts with your brand name printed on the front. Hundreds of people will be supporting their teams on the ground. Your business name will automatically be introduced to them. Everyone in the surrounding will praise and remember you as a kind sponsor.

Sports jerseys and woolen socks are an integral part of a player kit. Only a few players can afford the cost of this kit. I am therefore asking for sponsorship of 1000 US dollars. You are assured that every penny of this amount will be spent on buying jerseys, socks, and sports equipment for the team. In return, your logo will be printed on our players’ shirts. Our media experts will promote your business on social media. You will receive our official email to attend all games.

I know you will have a lot of other offers, but we can perfectly match your expectations. If you want us to do more in return for your sponsorship, we are ready to adhere to your ideas. If you have any queries in this regard, feel free to contact me through email.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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Subject: Sponsorship for the football team

Dear Johnson,

I am formally inviting you through this letter to sponsor our football team on the eve of the international football league expected to be held very soon. My name is Harry, and I am the manager of the Stars Football Club. I have been running this club for the last ten years. Membership in my club has been raised to 400 since its establishment. The club is famous for providing world-class training opportunities to its players. My aim is to keep the standard of the game abreast of international standards.

To achieve this goal, I have hired some international players as trainers. They are being paid with the help of local business owners. Owing to their hardworking attitude, we are producing world-class players.

Until now, sports kits and equipment were being managed by local sponsors. This year, we decided to send some of our players to the USA for international exposure. For this purpose, we are looking someone to support our football team. This is the fact that the cost of sending our players to the USA is very high and we are unable to meet the expenditures. The total estimated cost is [US dollars]. A copy of the estimated expenses is hereby attached to this letter for your convenience.

My dear, you are hereby informed that it would be a great opportunity for you to promote your business if you sponsor us. Our players will use shirts with the printed name of your brand. It is believed that your brand will flourish internationally. You can imagine your success level when our media team will promote your brand on social media which is an added advantage in return for your sponsorship.

Your sponsorship is expected to change the lives of many players. It will really be helpful in transforming them into world-class quality players. It would be a great virtue from your side, and you will always be remembered in prayers.

Your positive response is being awaited.


Sponsorship Letter for Football Team

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