News Release How’s Why’s and Whats with a Sample

The purpose of a news release is to publicize a certain event, an upcoming product or any other matter that requires publicity. It is produced by the PR department of an organization or the PR officer of a notable individual, such as movie stars, popular sportsmen and politicians. The primary motive behind such a piece of information is to promote a product or to highlight the achievements of an organization or individual.  It is covered by different kinds of media including the press as well as online socialmedia platforms.

A news release is not the same as a news article. In fact, there are many differences between the two. The former consists of a number of distinguishing features which sets it apart from the latter. These features are discussed below.

  • A Tool for Marketing

A news release primarily revolves around promotional purposes. As a result, it is mostly referred to as a tool used for marketing. Although it is not an advertisement, a news release may serve the purpose of introducing information about a newly launched product or service. It is also a mean of promoting one’s business through the media. Contrary to an advertisement, a news release provides factual and objective information about a product or business. Instead of persuading the readers to make a purchase, it only spreads information and enhances business visibility, thereby acting as an effective marketing technique.

  • Aiming the Target Audience

While news articles have no specified target audience, a news release does. Depending on the subject and purpose of the release, it may be aimed at attracting consumers for a product, investors for a business or affiliates. Different means can be used for the publication of the news release in order to reach the desired group of people. For instance, online blogs can be used to enhance brand awareness.

  • Attention Grabbing Content

The content of a news release must be interesting enough to keep the readers engaged. While a simple news article may be a mere presentation of facts, a release must follow a crisp tone which is attention-grabbing. In addition, it should also be comprehensive so that the readers don’t get bored. Generally, there is no limit to the length of an ordinary article. A release, however, should be presented in 400 to 500 words so that it doesn’t lose its relevancy and essence.

  • The most Current Announcements/Events

Although an article may revolve around an old event, a news release only talks about the latest announcements or events. Publishing information about an event that occurred months ago will render the promotional purpose of a news release useless. The global market is growing more and more competitive which has no room for an outdated or delayed news release.

  • A Distinguishing Format

There is a specific format which makes readers recognize a news release at a single glance. It begins with the name of the city and date of the release. In addition, there is always an eye-catching heading at the beginning. Moreover, it also quotes important statements given by the relevant people.

Once a news release has been drafted, the next step is its distribution. A well-written news release may be picked up by journalists and bloggers which helps in spreading the word far and wide. Companies can use certain media, such as emails and social media platforms for faster promotion.

Only an effectively written news release will be successful at serving its main purpose. It is a highly useful tool for gaining publicity for one’s business or an important event. Circulating a news release and getting it published at the right platforms may require financial input. For this reason, effort must be made to make it effective so that journalists, bloggers and podcasters considerit worthy enough to publish it or speak about it at their respective platforms.

Sample News Release

ABC Company Announces the Release Date for Star 5 Smartphone with a Surprise!

New York, NY – 1st December 2018 – ABC’s latest addition to its luxurious Star family – Star 5 – is all set to be released globally on the 24th of December 2018, as announced today by the company’s Head PR Officer, John Taylor. “We are giving the best Christmas present to our lovely customers this year”, stated Taylor. It is, indeed, going to be one of the most exciting arrivals this holiday season due to its high-end features. Eager buyers can place preorders on the company’s website. There is going to be a surprisefor the first fifty buyers.

A brand-new design is what sets Star 5 apart from its previous four predecessors. Unlike its ancestors, the upcoming device is larger yet slimmer with curvy edges and a shiny metal body. Other than being a true head turner, the gadget also houses the most state-of-the-art hardware components to give its contenders a run for their money. The highlights of the phone include its high-resolution camera, a high-performance super processor and the latest Android operating system. ABC has fulfilled its promises of brining the most premium smartphone for the latest tech-savvy generation of users at an affordable price.

Star 5 has been creating an exciting hype in the smart gadget community since its announcement ceremony earlier this September. ABC has been the pioneer of futuristic design and technology. Along with ABC’s Deluxe range of tablets and laptops, the Star family of smartphones has also been extremely popular among tech geeks according to the market stats. With this newest addition, the company feels prouder than ever since the device is a vision of modern design and revolutionary technology.

Priced at $459.95, the premium Star 5 offers true value for money. “We are placing luxury and affordability in the same package. It’s a treat that comes along only once in a blue moon”, says Christopher Allen, ABC’s Senior Marketing Manager.

The company has also announced that the first 50 people who place their orders at the company’s website will receive a free mystery gift. This further enhances the festive mood for the upcoming holidays. All interested buyers should place their preorders right away to avail this wonderful opportunity.

Sample News Release Template

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