Notice of Misusing Smartphone in Factory

Every individual who is part of an organization has to abide by certain rules and regulations of that organization. The observation of these rules in the correct manner is something that makes you as an employee work within the company in a smooth manner. Rules and regulations are basically made in order to maintain the discipline and integrity of the institute or organization.

There are events when one can be given exemptions from following the rules and regulations but the reason behind this should be strong enough to justify you being exempted from following the rules. If any organization understands your problem and for the time being lets you not follow rules then you as a good employee should respect their decision which is certainly in your favor. Here it adds an extra responsibility on the employee’s shoulder when he is given exemption from following rules. He not only has to show respect to the decision made but also mind his actions.

Organizational heads and employees work together towards the betterment of the company and it is always good to respect each other through the working tenure.

If an employee misuses an exemption given to him by the organization, then the organization exerts its right to take serious action against the employee as misuse of something granted to you is not tolerated when you are a part of a company and your attitude affects not only other employees but also the organization as a whole.

Sample letter

Mr. John.
Marketing goods, London

Mr. Tom
Sales supervisor
Marketing goods, London.

Dated: 16th December,20XX

Subject: Notice of misusing smartphone in factory

Dear Mr. Tom

It is to bring to your attention that it has been observed that you have started misusing your smartphone while your working hours within the organization. It is our company rule that we do not allow our employees to use smartphones at work but you had a few days back requested permission to use your phone as your mother was not well and you were expecting calls from the hospital. We understood your reason and gave you permission to use your phone during office hours.

Now as per your report your mother is well and is home but still, you are seen using the phone during office hours. Your manager had earlier given you a verbal warning to which you had not listened. It is for this reason that I am serving you this notice to stop using your phone in the workplace else serious action will be taken against you.

Tom, you have been a very good employee of the company and your efforts and hard work for the company can certainly not be denied. It was for this reason that we had understood your genuine problem and accepted your request but you had misused the permission given to you which is not good.

Through this notice, I am warning you to stop using your phone during office hours as it disrupts the office environment. I expect to see a positive change in you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. John,
Marketing goods, London.

Notice of Misusing Smartphone in Factory

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