Letter to Employee for Behaving Badly

Your attitude shapes your personality. It is not good to display a non-corrective attitude when you are working in an organization. Correct behavior is needed at the correct place. We should all look within ourselves for mistakes in our attitude and correct them at the right time. Whether you are amongst friends gathering or working in any organization, you need to have your attitude in line with the organization’s rules as displaying a noncorrective attitude will create a problem for you as an employee.

In organizations attitudes that move in totally opposite direction as required are certainly not tolerated as they become a reason for disruption in the smooth working of the organization. As human beings, it is possible for us to display behaviors that are not acceptable.

At one time someone may not point us but at another moment our behavior may provoke the other person to take notice of us and also take serious action against us. So it is always better to not only mind your words but also mind your actions. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

One must be very clear in what he intends to say to another person and also be careful about the way he is doing it. It happens at times that you intend to say a good thing but the way you opt for doing so proves to be a real disaster so correlating your body language with your words is really an important measure.

Sample letter

Mr. John.
[ABC COMPANY], London.

Mr. Green
Manager accounts
[ABC COMPANY], London.

Dated: 16th December,20XX

Subject: Concerning over bad behavior

Dear Mr. Green,

Your persistent behavior of talking to everyone in a rude manner has become a noticeable problem for all of us. You had been displaying a series of events in which it was observed that you do not talk to your fellow colleagues in a positive way whenever there comes a problem or rather delay in work submission. 

Earlier you had screamed at your assistant for failing to submit to you the report and a week after that you had non-co-operatively dealt with Mr. James of the HR department when he had asked you to file in your documents that were needed to complete your personal file. Green this behavior of yours is certainly disturbing and will not be tolerated.

Green you have become habitual of dealing with everyone in a rude manner which is not a good thing. You need to correct yourself or else strict action will be taken against you.

You are a very good employee of the company as this is easily reflected in your work.  But this attitude of yours is not only affecting your performance but the organization as a whole.

Through this letter, I intend to inform you that these behaviors of yours are certainly not tolerable for us which means that the continuation of the same would lead to serious action taken against you.

I hope that I have made myself clear. I wish to see a positive change in you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John

Letter to Employee for Behaving Badly

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