Proposal Letter for Hiring New Employee

What is a proposal letter for hiring new employee?

A proposal letter for hiring a new employee is a letter, that is written by a manager, and is addressed to the employer, HR manager, or any authoritative person, whose permission is required to hire a new employee. In this letter, the manager explains to the employer, why a new employee is needed, and a proper justification needs to be presented to the employer. In addition, the manager attempts to convince the employer, by stating the benefits of hiring a new worker.

Sometimes, the managers perceive, that their department is understaffed, and they need to hire additional workers, who can share the workload. They believe, that it would result in higher productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency, overall. In such a case, they need to seek permission from their employers, before hiring anyone. This letter is a formal way to seek that permission as well as it provides a platform, where the manager can convince, and justify the need of a new employee.

The information included in such letter may vary as per:

  • The circumstances.
  • The company policies.
  • The urgency to hire.
  • The financial position of the organization,
  • The cost associated with the new hire.
  • The reasoning and justification, etc.

What to include in an employee hiring letter?

However, generally, the following details are included in a template of these letters:

  • Date.
  • Employer details.
  • Manager details.
  • The proposal of hiring a new employee, with all the relevant details, including salary, fringe benefits, etc.
  • Reason why the employee is needed.
  • Convincing and justifying statements.
  • Benefits to the organization of hiring a new employee.
  • Seek and request for approval.
  • Show urgency and effective date, if any.
  • Show hope of a positive response.

As hiring a new employee means an extra cost for the employer, the manager needs to justify the need to get his proposal approved. If the employer gets convinced that the new hiring would be an investment and not an expense, he would agree to it, and allow the manager to go ahead. However, if this letter gets rejected, it may take a while, before the manager can make the request again. Therefore, the letter needs to be carefully worded, and the justification provided should be strong, to increase the chances of approval.

Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Emily,

I am writing this letter to propose hiring of a new employee for the position of ‘junior marketing manager’ for my marketing department.

Two years back, in 20XX, we had an employee working in this position. However, due to the pandemic, the number of clients and projects decreased, and we had to fire a few of the employees. We eliminated this position from our hierarchical chart as well.

Now, that the work is gaining its pace, and we are getting a lot number of projects, I feel that my staff, especially my assistant manager, is overburdened, which is decreasing the overall productivity as well. I want to request you to allow me to hire a new ‘junior marketing manager’ to handle the work effectively.

According to the salary structure in my department, we can offer him $[X] per month as salary, with the fringe benefits of medical insurance, free transport, and house allowance. The candidate would need to be a graduate in marketing, with at least three years of experience.

Kindly, consider my proposal. If you accept it, I will arrange the interviews in the coming week, as I need to hire someone on an urgent basis.

Awaiting your positive response. Thank you.


Silvia Milson.

Proposal letter for hiring new employee

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