Recommendation Letter for an Applicant of Medical School


I am writing this letter with great pleasure to recommend Nancy Arnold, who has been my student in Developmental and Embryology Sciences in 202X. She is an exuberant and well-oriented person. I called her one of my best students as she was marvelous at accomplishing her tasks. I have never seen a such hard-working student in the university.

She possessed problem-solving skills and keen observation which made her a suitable candidate for my class. Her other instructors also appreciate her analytical and extraordinary abilities. She had detailed pronouncements in developing insightful conclusions and it has been noticed by other professors and me during her research work.

As far as I have noticed, she spent a lot of her time diligently in science experiments and laboratory studies, in her free time. In embryological sciences, she demonstrated an extraordinary level of understanding.

Her curiosity and exuberant questions clearly exhibited her motivation and her desire for knowledge. She always remains ready to assist fellow candidates and I am an eye-witness to this. She was a kindhearted student in her interactions with her teachers and other classmates.

I still remember the time, when he was given an assignment and she was supposed to present it in twenty minutes. But she took ten minutes extra to give profound detail of Biological Sciences. I was really impressed by her empathy towards her fellow mates.

She never failed to impress me with her professionalism and pubescence. I, from the core of my heart, recommend her as a suitable candidate for your school. She really deserves such appreciation from me, and I have observed this. 

She is a highly intellectual, skilled, and warm-hearted person who will be a great asset to the country in the future. I can provide you with more details about her if you want to ask and it will be my pleasure to elaborate on her positive inside. Thank you.

Recommendation Letter for an Applicant of Medical School


I hope you find this letter in the best of your health. Being the chairperson of Harvard College, I do not write recommendation letters. However, when I was asked for a recommendation letter on behalf of Stella, I couldn’t refuse. She was an extraordinary and marvelous candidate and I have observed very few students of this kind during my teaching time.

I always appreciated her as a medical assistant and gave her a huge responsibility and to my surprise, she deliberated it in a remarkable way. In my opinion, what distinguishes her from other students is she always remains ready to help others. Another reason that makes her my favorite student is she stood first in all of my subjects.

She is the kind of student whose intelligence in the classroom inspires and motivates other students to focus on their studies more attentively. She has always been a kind organized and attentive student and she never feels shy engaging herself in debate.

I still remember the time, when I assigned her presentation, and she threw light on every point thoroughly. She has a clear mindset for her future, and this paved the way to achieve her dreams.

I highly recommend her as a medical student at your university and I believe that she will be an outstanding student wherever she will go. It would be a great pleasure to answer any questions that you have in your mind. I can be reached by email or phone.

Recommendation Letter for an Applicant of Medical School

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