Reply to Explanation for Drinking Alcohol on Duty

Sample #1

This letter is in response to an explanation of being drunk at the workplace. I am ashamed of disrupting the office ambiance due to this. This has disrupted the company’s good name and I am solely responsible for this. I am highly apologetic for being the source of embarrassment to all of you. I do not dare to face you in person as I am guilty.

I am not an alcoholic but I was much depressed that day. To overcome my depression I drank at the workplace. This incident will not occur again and I will do anything to redress the circumstances. I am ready to seek an apology from my colleagues and HR if you want.

Sample #2

Hope you are doing great. This is an apology letter for the incident that occurred in the workplace yesterday. I am sorry for consuming alcohol during office hours. I used vulgar language and behaved aggressively with my colleagues. Mere sorry is not enough to compensate for the damage I have given.

My nature is not of this type and I respect the boundaries of the workplace. It all happened by mistake as my friend had exchanged his wine bottle with my water bottle which was of the same color. I want to make reparation for my mistake and please let me know how I can do this. Please consider my apology and give me a chance to improve myself.

Sample #3

I am writing this letter in reply to your email received yesterday detailing the reason for consuming drinks in the office. You professionally handled the situation and I am ashamed that all this happened because of me. I was using it as a medicine suggested by my consultant as I am suffering from a severe anxiety disorder. I did not know that I will overuse it which will put a bad name on me. I did not do it intentionally and I want you to forgive me this time. You will not hear of any such incident occurring from my side again.

Sample #4

Respected Sir, I am extremely shameful for being drunk at the office on [mention date]. I behaved in an abusive manner and yelled at my coworkers. I know it is hard for you to forgive me and I cannot face you after causing this humiliation to the company. I was coming directly from a party where I took a wine bottle with me. I was not intended to consume it at the workplace but I could not resist myself.

I make this certain that from now you will not see me drinking at the workplace. I am ready to compensate for the damage to the broken table and wall mirror. You witnessed my barbaric side and in reality, I am not of this type. I hope you will forgive me by giving me a last chance to improve myself.

Sample #5

This is an apology message for violating the company’s rules by drinking alcohol in the office.

I am conscience-stricken for committing such a heinous act. My action deserves strict punishment and I will respect your decision in this regard. I assure you that next time I will avoid taking alcohol in the office. I will remain stick to the company’s policies and I seek forgiveness from you.

Sample #5

This letter is a reply to an explanation email for drinking alcohol in the office. I was discourteous to you and my colleagues and I am guilty ridden over this. I am sorry for deteriorating the workplace’s peace. My actions embarrassed you a lot and I needed to be recognizant.

I cannot bring back the damage I caused but I am repenting seriously and want you to forgive me. You will not hear of any such incident occurring from my side again. I have started attending a seminar to stop alcohol consumption. I have incapacitated your feelings and I request you to please forgive me.

Sample #6

I am Suresh Jackson, working as a sales manager in your company. I am writing this message to humbly apologize to you for my ruthless actions. I was fully aware of the consequences and I drank alcohol during office hours. It made me lose control over myself and I yelled at everyone in the office. I am shamefaced for bringing a bad name to my prestigious organization. I will never repeat this act in the future.

Reply to explanation for drinking alcohol at duty

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