Request Letter to Principal for Online Exam

Re. Request for Online Examination Concerning Public Health and Safety

Dear Principal, I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to the matter of conducting exams for our primary students from Grade III to Grade VII. However, the issue has already been addressed in various meetings, emails, and group discussions but I think conducting exams online is the only viable solution to the problems concerning the health of our students.

Our school is one of the most prestigious and leading schools in the city and is considered reliable for its priorities. One of our top priorities is students’ physical and mental health and that is what we are most renowned for. I believe that we ought to fulfill our promise of always prioritizing students’ health and safety.

According to the National Health Service, it is warned that there is a suspected outbreak of diarrhea in the country with many repercussions if we do not take safety measures. Moreover, such cases are more serious and can be spread by big gatherings as it is suspected that the outbreak is caused by a virus. This virus is considered to be contagious as our school has seen three cases of acute diarrhea in the past two days which alarms us to take safety measures.

Therefore, I request you approve the proposal for an online exam. I understand that there could be many concerns about the viability and validity of online exams but this matter can be solved by seeking help from IT professionals who can help us in personalizing such software that assures reliability, validity, and security of the exams.

I will be grateful if you consider the suggestion and give approval for the online exams. In case of further questions, I will be glad if we meet and discuss further. Thank you for reviewing my request.


[School Name]

Request Letter to Principal for Online Exam

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Re. Request for Online Exam

Dear Principal,

I am [Name of the person], from the Department of [Name of the Department]. I am writing this letter on behalf of the chairperson of Regional Healthcare Service and Safety Assurance (HSSA). This letter concerns the health of the students in this time of surging cases of different diseases, especially in the schools. We work day and night for the health concerns of the public and provide real-time solutions to combat issues related to mass health. We provide consultation to minimize the impact of a hazard including virus outbreaks.

The officials suspect that the cases of Monkeypox virus are increasing every day which makes it a grave concern for all of us. However, there is no evidence of the spread of the virus by public gatherings but the research is also discredited as incomplete and lacking from different aspects. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience or serious impacts in the future, we should take measures like avoiding massive gatherings, especially in schools with vulnerable age groups.

Therefore, I request you conduct your school exams online. We will provide you with consultation from our expert educational consultants who will guide you on how to ensure transparency and security to validate the exam. There are many proctor software that can help in conducting online exams with storing monitoring.

To conclude, I will suggest you always prioritize your students’ health. In case of widespread cases, schools can be shut down. To avoid such inconvenience, we suggest you take in-time measures and conduct exams for the session [mention the session] online.

Thank you for considering.


[Name of the Office]

[Authorized Signature & Date]

Request Letter to Principal for Online Exam

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