Letter to Recommend Someone for Community Service Position

Sample #1

This letter is being written to recommend David Seth as an active participant in your esteemed company. After going through a recently published advertisement Seth’s name immediately clicked in my mind. He is perfectly suitable to work voluntarily for the work you are offering. He has a great passion for the same. He has been an esteemed employee and assisted us a lot in realizing many dream projects.

As far as his nature is concerned, he possesses down to earth personality. He actively stands as a team head whenever there is a need. His incessant passion for work encourages colleagues to work with the same eagerness. I am honored to recommend Seth to your organization. I assure you that you also enjoy his humanitarian services.

Sample #2

This is an extreme pleasure for me to put forward George’s name as a volunteer for your welfare. He was associated with us on a community project and I was truly affected by his positive personality. He possesses great energy that makes it easy to work with him. He is endowed with distinctive and unrepeatable suggestions and this helped us a lot in collecting great funds. He has moved to Florida but he actively participates in our community meetings. He is an employee with different abilities and he will prove a treasure for your welfare.

I choose people wisely and it depends on their working bond with me. George is one of those employees who are the talk of the town. It is an honor for me to recommend him for your organization.

Sample #3

This is a recommendation letter for Henry David as he perfectly fits the volunteer work you are offering. He remained a part of us for more than seven and I have always seen him helping others. He is an enthusiastic and affectionate employee and always extended his helping hand to us in our time of need. He is bestowed with loving nature and he always presented himself for welfare works. He would be the best choice for your organization.

During a fundraising event in 2019, he made us able to collect the highest fund ever. He is very active and full of positivity and always remains forward for any fundraising gathering. You will be happy to know that he has also shown his urge to give you his volunteer services. You will find him the best choice ever made. Now he is not part of our organization, but I will extend my full support to recommend him for your community service program.

Sample #4

I am immensely excited to recommend Miss Sylvia for your welfare. Throughout her life, she has provided her full support to deserving people. She has helped them a lot in changing their primitive mindset. She possesses a positive personality and people feel comfort in telling her their problems. She will prove a valuable asset to your trust. the lives of thousands of people have changed due to her extended support.

She has a better understanding of their problems and amazingly solves them. She not only makes herself available all the time but is also an apple of everyone’s eye. You can ask me any query regarding and it would be an honor for me to present her.

Sample #5

This letter aims to recommend Camesron as an active volunteer for your welfare. He was part of our organization in the past and he actively participated in many fundraising events. He has a great passion to help unprivileged people and always lends a helping hand to them. I have this opportunity to work with him and I was mesmerized by his empathy and tenderness. He organized many events to raise awareness amongst youth about the importance of education.

He has built a small school in her town where children get free education. He is a very committed and responsible candidate for your volunteer work. I highly recommend him for your charity trust.

Sample #6

Hope you are having a great day. I am writing this letter to recommend Steward for the vacant volunteer position in your prestigious organization. He possesses amazing abilities that make him the perfect choice for your welfare. He always remained available to us in times of need and helped the community in positive growth. You will find in him all the qualities of a good volunteer.

Letter to recommend someone for community service position

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