Request Letter for Correction of DOB on Passport


Dear Ma’am/Sir, this is Mark Buffalo writing from Queens to bring a crucial matter to your attention. I am a foreign student coming from Paris, currently residing in NYC to pursue a degree from a prestigious university. My passport was about to expire in a month, so I decided to get a new one. I applied for a new passport three weeks ago on an urgent request as I cannot stay in a foreign land without my updated passport. It has reached me today and to my shock, my DOB is written incorrectly on it.

Despite the fact that I had attached all the necessary documents, including a copy of my old passport, for the transfer of my correct data, my DOB is still mentioned incorrect on the new passport. I was born on 00-00-0000 but here it reads as 00-00-0000.

I am greatly affected by this blunder at your end. My passport is expiring in just one week now and I cannot stay illegally in this country. I regret to say that I am utterly disappointed in my embassy’s services.

Now, I request you to review my passport and mention the correct date and other credentials carefully. I’d be obliged to you if you can arrange this revision in one week, so I don’t have to face any legal inconvenience.

Should you have any queries or need any additional documents, please feel free to call me at 000-000-000 anytime. You can also email me at [EMAIL].


Mark Buffalo


Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am regretting to intimate you of a very unfortunate tragedy that took place from your end on account of a misunderstanding. I am Zoe Nickel, a social media influencer on Instagram who often has to travel abroad for multiple concerts and events. It is, therefore, crucial for me to keep my legal and official documents ready all the time.

I have a forthcoming event on 00-00-0000 in Ontario, Canada for which I need my new passport as I lost my old one somewhere during the local travel. I applied 3-weeks ago for a new passport, and it reached out to me today.

To my shock, I find out that the DOB written on my new passport is different from my original one, also mentioned on my previous passport. This is an act of sheer irresponsibility and carelessness which has left me in great trouble. I can no longer fly on the event dates. Because of this blunder, not only my entire team has to go through embarrassment and inconvenience, but the organizing party is also facing scrutiny from the community.

Therefore, I request you correct the factually wrong DOB on my passport and change it with the original one in 5-days so I could reschedule my plans. I’d be much obliged for this.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to ask me at 000-000-000. I have also enclosed a copy of my old passport and my birth certificate for confirmation.


Joe Nickel

Request Letter for Correction of DOB on Passport

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