Circular for Lunchtime in Office


Dear all, I, your new HR manager Daniel Greg, am writing this formal letter to lure your attention to an important matter our employees have recently developed confusion about. The company always had a clear policy about lunchtime since the beginning but owing to the extra word load and the disruption in the discipline in the previous days, the whole schedule has been disturbed.

We have observed a lot of employees partaking in undisciplined affairs such as taking a lunch break when it was not the official lunch break hour and enjoying the meal outside of the food court.

Despite previously addressing this concern verbally, we have not been lucky enough to see a change in our employees’ demeanor, unfortunately. Therefore, we have decided to confront the situation strictly in an official and written capacity.

It is intimated to all our workers that from now onwards, the lunch hour is 00:00 pm for all the departments and the only venue to enjoy your meals would be the lunch hall on the ground floor. You are strictly required to stay in the hall premises during your lunch and not take your food to any other room.

Any employee not considering this rule shall be faced with disciplinary action leading to termination of contract or a hefty fine as a penalty as per the company policies.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope its employees follow the necessary protocols.


HR Manager


Dear All,

I must admit that Skyrocket Solution has earned a prestigious position in the market owing to its employees’ diligence and dedication to growing the business. We have come a long way from scratch to one of the leading companies in the city and it is all due to your loyalty.

We have been successfully maintaining a disciplined environment in our company throughout our career, but it seems to be falling apart now. We have been noticing a downfall in our employee’s decorum, especially regarding the lunch breaks.

It is intimated to our esteemed employees that the new lunchtime will be 00:00-00:00 pm from now on and the venue has been moved from the first floor to the ground floor as the food court has been moved over there. We apologize for the inconvenience you previously had to go through on account of the reconstruction and moving of the mess hall. We would like to inform you that it is now open and functional fully on the ground floor.

All the employees are advised to strictly adhere to the timing and venue allocation for the lunch breaks. Disobedience in any capacity will be considered grave misconduct.

The Skyrocket Solution wishes its values to be demonstrated by its employees. Any worker not conforming to this new circular shall meet disciplinary response officially according to the company policy.

We appreciate your cooperation. With teamwork and your collaboration, we will establish that we are punctual and disciplined.


HR Manager

Circular for Lunchtime in Office

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