Authorization Letter to Deduct Pag-Ibig Loan


Re. Authorization Letter to Deduct your Pag-Ibig Loan

Dear Mr. [NAME], I am [NAME], the [TITLE OF THE DESIGNATION], from the [NAME THE COMPANY]. I am writing this letter to authorize my employer Mr. [NAME] to deduct the Pag-Ibig loan from my salary for a year.

This letter has been written to give authorization for the deduction of salary from my account by my employer Mr. [NAME]. The letter serves as authorization to perform the deduction.

On [DATE], I applied for an MPL (Multi-Purpose Loan) under the authorization of a Pag-Ibig loan from the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. I applied for a loan of $[X] which shall be repaid over the period of one year in monthly installments. The monthly amount shall be deducted from my account by the monthly authorization.

To authorize the deduction from my salary, I shall take the moment to mention brief details of the loan I received.

Total loan received: $[X]
Loan to be repaid: $[X]
The total interest rate for the one-year plan: [X]%
The total amount to repay: $[X]
Amount paid in previous months: $[X]
Amount remaining: $[X]
Amount to be deducted from my salary of [MONTH]: $[X]

I request you to look at the above-mentioned details of the loan repayment. In case of any difference, please contact me. Thus, I authorize the mentioned person to deduct $[X] from my salary for the repayment of my Pag-Ibig loan.

For any further questions, please contact me at [PHONE].


[Account #]


Re. Authorizing Mr. [NAME] for the Deduction of Pag-Ibig Loan from my Salary Account with the Title [TITLE OF THE ACCOUNT]

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I hereby authorize Mr. [NAME], the [POST] of the company to deduct an amount of $[X] from my salary account to pay for the installment of [MONTH]. This installment shall be paid to the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development for the repayment of my MPL loan under Pag-Ibig.

Details for the authorization are mentioned below:

Authorized person: Mr. [NAME]
Status of the Authorized Person: Permanent/Regular employee
Designation of the Authorized person: Finance Manager
Account to be Used: [NAME THE BANK]
Account number: xxx-xx xx-xx-xx
MPL ID: [#]
Registration Number: [#]
Account Title: [NAME]
Amount to be Deducted: $[X]

Upon the mentioned details, I have authorized Mr. [NAME] the deduction of my MPL from my salary of [MONTH]. Mr. [NAME] is my trustee in the process of loan repayment. In case of any trouble with the loan repayment, you can call/text me at [PHONE]. You can also contact my guarantor Mr. [NAME] in case of an emergency, on my unavailability. I shall be glad to share further if required.

I am thankful to the loan repayment committee for their continuous coordination and sheer professionalism. Their constant cooperation made this repayment a piece of cake for me and kept me from rushing. Thank you.



Authorization Letter to Deduct Pag-Ibig Loan

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