Request Letter to Chief of Police for License of Gun

Re. Request for Issuance of License of the Gun, Mossberg 500 in Possession for Non-Lethal Self-Defense. 

Dear Sir, I am Michael Deck from Lake View Town, LA, California. I am a responsible and law-abiding citizen of America and have no criminal record. I have neither committed a crime nor committed any civil breach of a lethal nature. I am not a drug addict and have never been addicted to alcohol or other drugs. I have been a resident of California for the last twenty-eight years and work as a Chemical Compound Engineer at Zechta-Es Groups.

I have applied for the issuance of a license for the gun, which I keep in my house for non-lethal self-defense and solely as a safety measure. I understand all the rules and laws that address the possession of a firearm according to the Supreme Law and the Constitution of the United States of America.

I am confident that I will never use this for illegal purposes or commit lethal breaches or crimes. I have enclosed the affidavit taking oath on the usage of the gun strictly and purely for domestic non-lethal self-defense.

The gun for the license for which I am applying is a Mossberg 500 gun in black (please find the image in a jpg enclosed). I have enclosed the invoice for the payment of this arm for surety and also enclosed all the required copies of the documents.

I have enclosed the scanned images of the original and verified papers of this gun and its permit issued by the State Law Enforcement of California. I shall be much obliged if you approve the issuance of the license and instruct for the speedy procedure. I thank you in anticipation for considering my request. My personal email is [email], and my phone number is +[X].


Shark Elbow
N-30 Nishten Area, LA. California, USA.

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Submitting the Request for the License of Legal Gun in the Proprietorship and Custody for Non-Lethal Self Defense 

Dear Sir,

I am Bull Keller, from Boston, Massachusetts. I have applied for a license for the gun in my possession. 

My ID is [X] and my serial number is [X]. I have enclosed all the needed details with this letter. I am applying purely based on the domestic use of non-lethal self-defense.

I am an Assistant Manager in the corporate company and understand the duties and obligations that come with the proprietorship of an arm. I have a 9 MM pistol solely for self-defense and have never been involved in any immoral or criminal activity. The police record and profile report have been enclosed for your convenience.

I understand the sanity that is demanded for the sake of keeping a firearm in my custody. I have also studied the rules and laws that address the subject of arms possession and its public concealment.

Sir, I assure you of my responsible and law-abiding conduct in the future too. Therefore, I request that you humbly direct your team to issue me a license for my gun. I have enclosed all the required documents and details, including my personal and professional information, along with the details of the gun. I will be grateful if you instruct the team to accelerate the process and make it speedy. I thank you in anticipation.


Bull Keller

F-11 near World Finance Role (WFR), Boston

Massachusetts, USA

Request Letter to Chief of Police for License of Gun

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