Complaint Letter against Teacher for Inappropriate Behavior

A teacher is an inspiration for students. The main job of the teacher is to motivate the students and to become a role model for them. Whether they are in the classroom or outside it, they are expected to come off as a perfect example of good conduct and manners. However, sometimes parents of a student are not satisfied with the conduct and performance of the teacher. When this happens, they write a complaint letter against the teacher.

What is a letter of complaint against the teacher?

It is a formal letter in which parents or guardians of a student express their grievance on the poor performance of the teacher. The purpose of this letter is to let the higher authorities of the school know about the teachers they have hired for personality building and education of students enrolled in their institutes.

To whom should you write the complaint letter?

The letter of grievance is usually written by the parents of the student to the principal of the school who is in charge of the school and responsible for maintaining discipline and good communication between teachers and students. When the principal of the school receives the complaints, he can conduct an inquiry to look deeply into the matter and determine what has caused the parents to feel dissatisfaction with the teacher.

No matter how angry you are with the teacher, you need to be respectful while you talk about the mentor of your child. In addition, make sure that you remain honest and mention only those things that have caused problems for your child so that your letter does not know that you have any kind of personal grudge against the teacher.

Read the sample letter given below:

(Sample Letter)

Subject: Complaint against the teacher

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to express my concern and draw your attention towards ____________ [mention the name of the teacher], who is currently teaching General Science subjects to grades 6 and 7. My child __________[mention the name of your child] studies is class 7. I believe that it is really important to address the issue my child has been facing in class so that the management of the school can take the necessary steps to resolve such issues.

My child has often told me about the disrespectful and inappropriate behavior of the teacher toward her students. Her language in the classroom is not appropriate. She gives derogatory remarks to those students who don’t do well in their studies.

I believe that even though a child is not making any progress in his learning and studies, it should never be an approach of a teacher to belittle him or lower his self-esteem because such things have a long-lasting impact on the personality and behavior of the child.

I have noticed that my son is not paying attention to his studies, especially in General Science. The lack of professionalism on the teacher’s side plays a significant role in making a child lose his interest in studies. In such a disruptive learning environment, a teacher always contributes to hampering the learning process instead of motivating students to be more active and interested in learning new concepts.

I met the teacher in the parents’ teacher meeting and I also felt that she has some disruptive behavior patterns that can be extremely dangerous for the mental growth of students who are working under her supervision. Parents of many other classmates of my son also have the same opinions about that teacher.

The methodology of the teacher for teaching in the classroom is effective and I am satisfied with her way of teaching. However, I believe that the school should take the necessary actions to investigate the concerns I have raised.

I would appreciate it if necessary actions are taken as a result of my complaint. Thank you so much for always showing cooperation with parents and students. We hope to see prompt action on our complaint. Please let me know if you want to know more about the complaint I have lodged.


Sender’s name


Complaint Letter against Teacher for Inappropriate Behavior

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