Request Letter to Consider for Promotion


Re. Consideration for Promotion

Dear Howard,

It has been brought to your kind attention that I have been working in this firm since 2016. I took charge of Assistant Manager in February 2016. Since then I have been working hard to prove my capabilities and it is my pride to share that I have achieved in this regard. Recently, I came to know that the position of Mr. Hilton is open to fill as he has resigned a week before. He moved to England to establish his own business.

My letter aims to ask you to consider me to promote from the position of Assistant Manager to General Manager. Sir, when Mr. Hilton was on leave a few months ago, I was taking charge as General Manager. During that time, my tackling and handling of the responsibilities were much appreciated by the director, and I was promised an incentive for that too but not met.

I am writing this letter to my sole concern for the vacant position of General Manager. Mr. Hilton was my immediate supervisor and I have learned a lot from him. I present myself as an eligible candidate for the position and also assure you of my complete cooperation in filling my vacant position in training and contributing to the Assistant Manager’s seat. When I was sent to Denmark for the training sessions, I was also trained very well for what comes under the responsibilities of the General Manager.

I believe I can work in this regard very well and can help this firm in nurturing and growing. I can meet you at your convenience at 11:00 AM on 23rd November 2020 to discuss further. I will be grateful if you please consider me for promotion.

Thank you


William Aught
Assistant Manager, Nelson Electronics and Appliances
James Street 18th Ninety Fourth, California, USA

Request Letter to Consider for Promotion


Re. Request for Promotion Consideration

Dear Sir,

I am James Will and work as an Assistant in your organization. I am working here since 2015. It has been five years since I am working here, and I always gained an appreciation for my hard work and competency. I have been working with absolute dedication and ardent commitment to achieve my goals. Recently, I came to know that the place of Recycling Manager is lying vacant for one week. I am writing to you to formally request you to acknowledge me for this vacant position.

During my services from 2015 to 2020, I achieved the following major goals

  • I was chosen as a representative for the Board of Directors’ meeting in Boston
  • I was given the Mega Plastic Ringing Project
  • I got the tenders from GHK Norman Groups from France
  • I presented an environmental solutions project at Denmark International Conferences
  • I was representative of the company in Environmental Solutions Project finance raising Gems

I am gratified by my achievements briefly listed above and thankful to you and the team for providing me such great opportunities. I want to mention here that the vacant post of Recycling Manager is not much different from my post as the project of environmental solutions has a good deal of work with recycling. I assure you of my dedication and commitment to the demands of the post of recycling manager. I also assure you that I will keep on training the person who will take my vacant post.

I shall be highly obliged if you consider me for the vacant post of Recycling Manager. I am available for an in-person meeting if needed. I am looking forward to your kind response.

Thank you

James Will
Assistant, WER, California, USA

Request Letter to Consider for Promotion

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