Special Rate Request Letter

We are very grateful to the (publishing house/warehouse name) for producing high-quality books. You have always been there to arrange books (or any other product name) whenever we requested. Our prestigious library is fulfilled with thousands of books and more than half of these books are bought from your publishing house.

Your art designers are exceptional; they design such bright and catchy book covers that we find it very easy to attract the children towards reading. Our students loved the collection of mini classic books that you published last year. We have received a lot of requests from our reading club members to stock the classics for buyers.

Currently, we have only single copies of those classics and those too are saved for the college library. We can’t make them available at our bookshop until you cooperate with us.

We are writing this formal letter to request you to publish all twelve classics (writer the book/product titles or ISBN).

However, you are well aware of the fact that our students are studying on a full scholarship. Despite their uncongenial circumstances, they’ve made it to this prestigious institute with their hard work. Keeping in view their love for literature, we have promised to make the books available to them at low rates as compared to the market.

You can support this positive initiative by offering books at discounted prices. In this way, you will make the books available to those who can’t buy them otherwise.

We greatly appreciate your step towards promoting literature.

Kind regards,


Subject: Special Rate Request for [XYZ]

I regret to inform you the crockery articles you delivered at (hotel name or residency address) on (date, day, and time) were damaged. We unpacked everything in the presence of your supplier and asked him to take everything back to the warehouse. We had to arrange an event for (number of people) and this sudden incident caused great trouble. Your supplier apologized on the company’s behalf and explained it was all rider’s mistake. Your team also promised to compensate for the loss.

However, your slight mistake caused great damage to us as we had to order additional crockery items at the eleventh hour. For that, we paid double the amount to the supplier to transfer everything to our place on time.

After all this inconvenience, no one from your team contacted us. We are writing this formal request letter directly to you because as the manager of (company name) you can check with your team and inquire about this incident.

We would appreciate it if you grant a coupon code or any special discount to (hotel name).  in this way, you will not only compensate for the previous loss but also will get more orders from our team. We have been working with your team since (date or year) and in all these years we have never experienced any such incident. It happened once and we hope it will not happen again; we will continue to work together in the future.

We are waiting for your letter to inform us about your inquiry and the special discounts for our (hotel name).

Special Rate Request Letter

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