Request Letter to Keep the Job


Subject: Request letter to keep the job

Dear Sir,

My name is Adam Smith and I have been working in your company as a data analyst for the last ten years. It has been a wonderful experience for me to serve your company and I gained a lot while working here. I am especially writing you this letter to forward you my formal request to keep my job.

In last month’s newsletter of company, all employees of the company were directed to send their resumes to the HR department as if they were applying for the first time to their positions. Upon asking the concerned department, I came to know that company management is thinking to downsize its employees owing to the economic crunch which has hit the companies across the country. There is no doubt in it that COVID 19 has affected the economy of the world in a negative way in every walk of life and the same is the case with our company.

I can understand the whole scenario which you are facing right now and, owing to the crisis, you might have taken this decision of downsizing. But, on the other hand, this is not the right choice for you to make at this moment of time when everybody needs to carry on with their job.

Therefore, I request you to rethink your decision and let me keep the job. If you are facing difficulty in paying monthly salaries, we can sit and talk about the matter. In this regard, you can reduce the salary and I offer you to credit back this deducted amount once the situation will get better. If you agree, I am ready for a table talk with you. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


Request Letter to Keep the Job
Request Letter to Keep the Job


Subject: Request to keep the job

Dear Sir,

I, Anderson, working as assistant manager sales in your company, forwarding you through this letter, my formal request to keep the job. A few days back, I listened to a company’s office saying that management is thinking about laying off. I was not believing it until I receive an email in which I was asked to submit my resume as if I were applying for the first time in the company.

I think that you might have taken this decision because the current wave of pandemic affected the financial and economic condition of the company in a bad way. But I think that laying off employees is not a wise decision you are going to make at this time because it is not the only decision left to address the current situation.

Therefore, I request you rethink your possible upcoming step because not only me but each and every employee working in this office has concerns about your decision and worried about survival. You are again requested to allow us to keep us with our jobs. We have nominated two persons as our delegation to talk with you about the matter to come up with any other possible solution. Your positive response is being awaited in this regard.

Yours truly,


Request Letter to Keep the Job

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