Apology Letter to Employer Asking for Second Chance


Subject: Apology to employer asking for second chance

Dear Manager,

I want to apologize for my inappropriate behavior with a most senior colleague of the company last Thursday. I had never anticipated myself to behave like that and to create agitation at the workplace but the situation, on that day, became such that I lost my temper and hostile behavior was shown by me. I was extremely annoyed by an unseen pressure and as a result, I could not hold myself that day for which I am extremely sorry and seek an apology.

I know that company has made strong policies for creating a mess at the workplace and violators have been dealt with strictly in the past. Mr. Adam is the senior-most employee of the company and is respected by each and every staff member. I admit that I misbehaved with him and used such abusive language which is not acceptable at any workplace and in this way, I showed non-compliance with the disciplinary policy of the company and, as a result, I was awarded a suspension letter.

I truly understand that I was wrong in terms of my behavior and I realize that I should apologize for this act of mine which caused a disturbance. To err is the human. Considering this fact, please accept my apology because I am regretting my act and really sorry for that. Also, I request you to allow me to resume my job and give me a second chance to rectify myself. I promise that this kind of act would never be repeated in the future. I will always show compliance with the disciplinary policies of the company and control my anger as well.

Considering my past record in this company, I hope that you will understand my condition, accept my sincere apology and allow me to rejoin my position. I am waiting for your positive response in this regard and thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


Apology Letter to Employer Asking for Second Chance


Subject: Apology to employer asking for second chance

Dear Sir,

I wish you to take a minute and read this letter of mine in which I am truly sorry for my actions which took the form of misbehavior. Through this letter, I hereby make my formal apology for not following the company disciplinary policy. I have realized soon after my misconduct that my behavior was not acceptable at any kind of workplace, it was harmful to the company’s reputation and distorted its image in the market and this thing made me feel more guilty because I have been serving in this company for last ten years and I had never expected myself to behave like that.

It was informed to me through a letter on [date] after the disciplinary committee meeting that I have been held responsible for creating agitation in the office and making the workplace environment hostile. Although I admit my mistake but have the right to tell you about the factor behind my mistake. I really had no intention to act like that but, owing to a serious family problem, I was worried and therefore, could not control myself and became hostile.

I know that I had no right to let my family matters interfere with office work but I could not do so. On other hand, I am ashamed of my actions and now want to rectify them. Although I know that I have no right to ask you for a second chance but, considering it my mistake, which was carried out unintentionally, please allow me a second chance to serve this company.

I hereby assure you that I have traced out the real source of this problem and working to cope with it. Also, I promise that this kind of act would never be repeated in the future and you will not receive any complaints about my behavior. Please accept my apology for my act and grant me another chance to serve the company. I shall be very thankful to you.



Apology Letter to Employer Asking for Second Chance

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