Resignation Letters for Family or Personal Reason

Sample 1

I regretfully inform you of my resignation from the post of operations manager effective from two weeks from now.

Recently my wife has been diagnosed with a serious disease. I had tried hard to get her well treated here but doctors are strongly recommending taking her to New York for further treatment. As there is no one in the family to take care of my wife so I have decided to resign from my current job as I am afraid that the treatment will take much longer than expected.

The years I have served the company has so far have been the best time of my life. My career has developed a lot through our teamwork. The encouragement that I have received is tremendous and it will be always remembered.

As for my job duties I have with due sincerity handed over all the information to the department head. I hope you will find no difficulty in moving on.

Sample 2

Resignation Letter for personal reasonThis is to inform you that I intend to resign from the post of accounts manager effective from a month’s period from now.

My children have got admission at Saint Patrick School. It was dream come true for me. I have struggled hard to get my children enrolled in this school. I have shifted my residence near to the school area. It will be very difficult for me to come to the office from there as it is a huge distance to be covered. For this reason, I am presenting my resignation.

I have learned a lot through all these years. The company has been a great support.  I hope to receive a positive recommendation of mine from you.

Sample 3

Resignation Letter for personal reasonIt is to inform you that I am resigning from the post of software manager with effect from 3 weeks from now.

Recently, my first child was born. I knew the child’s birth will certainly bring about changes. I have decided to leave my job as my child is my priority. I certainly cannot build up the courage to hand over the little one to a stranger.

Throughout these years I have learned and gained a lot by remaining a part of the company. My career has grown immensely. I feel proud that I had been a part of the organization for years.

I have submitted my latest project report to the project head and have carefully compiled my work.

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