Resignation Letters due to Health Issues

Sample 1

With great regret, I inform you of my resignation from the post of sales manager as soon as possible. Over the past few months, I have been facing detrimental health issues. I had earlier given a thought of resigning but due to the major projects, I could not do so because of which my condition has worsened. Doctors recommend that I take rest.

Now that the major projects are completed, I feel that this is the most appropriate time for me to resign. I have had a fabulous time here. I have not only learned new things but also implemented them in the most innovative possible manner. I thank the company for its support throughout my working period. The knowledge and information which I have gained by working in JS have surely helped built me as a better human being. I am proud that I have been part of JS.

As all the tasks have been completed I am sure that there is nothing more left to do but still if you face any problem, you can contact me on my number anytime.

Sample 2

Resignation Letter due to Health IssuesIt is to inform you that I am resigning from the post of HR manager effective from 2 months period from now. I have had a lot of work stress due to which my health has suffered. The workload was too much that I had continuously ignored my health and this negligence has turned out to be bad on my part.

I can no more handle the workload, so I have decided to resign. It has surely been a hard decision for me as the bonding between us over the years has strengthened my relationship with the company. In this situation, the company’s offer of taking me back as their employee when I recover has overwhelmed me and I will certainly think over it as soon as I get better.

I had duly completed and handed over my workings to the department head. Everything is compiled and well versed but still if you face any problem, do contact me over email.

Sample 3

Resignation Letter due to Health IssuesThis is to inform you with great regret that I am resigning from the post of production manager in a months’ time. I had earlier brought in your kind attention that I have had migraine issues. With time my condition is getting worse. I have been told by doctors to take complete bed rest. Considering the whole situation, I have decided to resign.

Working with such wonderful people has always made me happy. It is a place where your hard work and courage to undertake a task is always appreciated. Experiences encountered through work have helped me grow as a human being.

It is certainly a pride that I have been part of such a wonderful team. But now I will have to leave. I have completed all my work before the due time and have submitted the same to my supervisor.

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