Salary Deduction Complaint Letters

1. To Employee

It has come to our attention that you have been taking unauthorized breaks from the office during working hours. One of your colleagues has reported that you often leave the office in order to run personal errands. You are warned that this is unacceptable and may result in your salary deduction as a disciplinary action.

You are advised to be more careful in the future. In case you need to leave the office for any personal business, you must seek permission from your supervisor.

2. To HR

On behalf of the IT Department, I am writing to make a complaint regarding the 5% salary deduction from our recent paychecks for the month of February. The employees had not been informed in advance about the company’s decision to impose the said deduction. The unfair action has left us all feeling disgruntled.

With due respect, we demand the reversal of this decision. There has been no substantial increment in our salaries for the past two years. The current deduction is demoralizing for the employees.

We hope to receive a positive response from you soon regarding our complaint. 

3. To employee for disciplinary action

This is to notify you that your tardiness has resulted in disciplinary action being taken against you. There will be a 2% deduction from your salary this month.

You have been arriving late to the office despite several verbal warnings. You even missed the town hall meeting last Friday due to your lack of punctuality. The management has, therefore, decided to impose the mentioned salary deduction.

The company values your expertise at work. However, stricter action may be taken if you still fail to exhibit punctuality. Your constant negligence may even result in your termination.

You may contact your supervisor for any queries.

4. To an Employer

Respectfully, I am writing to make a complaint about the salary deduction that has been imposed on me this month. There has been a misunderstanding regarding the total number of leaves I took last month owing to medical reasons. I did not exceed the allowed medical leave limit. Therefore, my salary should not have been deducted.

Kindly check the records again. I sent you my leave application on 12th March. My official leave started on the 16th of March and I re-joined the office after 5 days. However, my salary has been deducted for 5 additional leaves. I request you look into this discrepancy.

Please do contact me for further information. I hope to receive an adjustment with my next salary.

5. To Company

I would like to bring your attention to an issue I have been facing with my salary payment for the last 2 months. There has been a deduction of 10% for the months of April and May. I am at a loss to understand why my salary is being deducted. I humbly request you look into the matter and sort out the issue before I receive my next paycheck.

I shall be grateful to you for your consideration.

6. To bank

I am writing with reference to my company account number [X]. I receive my monthly salary in this account. This month, however, the bank has deducted 2% from the payment sent by the company to my account. I demand an explanation for this sudden deduction.

Kindly email me or call me regarding this matter on the provided contact information.

7. Late Coming

I am writing with reference to the recent salary deduction for the month of May. I have been informed by the management that the deduction has been done as a penalty for arriving late to the CEO’s meeting last month on 12th May. I beg to state that this is an unfair action. I had already informed my supervisor that I would be late for the meeting owing to a family emergency. I also sent a written apology to the CEO for my late arrival.

I have always observed punctuality at work. I have never missed any official events or meetings. Such penalties should be for employees who are habitually late to work. However, I have a clear record. The deduction should, therefore, be reversed and adjusted with my next salary.

I hope my complaint would be given due consideration. 

8. Bank Loan

This is with reference to the repayment of the bank loan I took in the amount of $500,000 six months back. The bank has been taking my repayment installments in the form of a 5% deduction from my monthly salary in my company account. However, the deduction has been 7% this month. The bank cannot increase the deduction rate according to our loan agreement.

Kindly look into the matter and contact me as soon as possible.

9. Absence

I beg to state that there has been an unjust deduction from my salary this month. Apparently, the deduction has been made on account of my absence from work last month. However, I was on my annual leave for a week after taking official approval from the management. I re-joined the office right on time without taking a single extra day off.

Kindly investigate the matter.

10. Misconduct

I have just received a letter informing me that there will be a salary deduction for me this month. The reason stated in the letter is “misconduct with my supervisor”. With due respect, I had already apologized to Mr. XYZ for the unpleasant incident. I took full responsibility for my misbehavior and provided the assurance that this would never happen in the future.

I am a little taken aback by the information about the disciplinary action being taken against me. According to our office policy, there is always an official written warning for an employee before such actions are taken. However, I have not received any such warning.

Kindly re-evaluate my case. I shall be grateful to you.

Complaint letter on deducting salary for misconduct

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