Warning Letter for Dereliction of Duty

I hope that you are performing well but this can be hope only. It seems funny but it is not. I considered you hard working and vigilant employee that would be proved as an asset to the company, but you have faded away all my hopes.

It has been reported that you are showing a lack of performance for the last few weeks. You are not showing vigilance and hard work towards work and instead of it, you waste your time talking on the phone and playing games in the office.

I was checking the monthly progress performance file yesterday and came into shocked to see your monthly progress report. You have come from 2nd position to 15th which was no less than a surprise to me.

I was reported already through your coworkers that you do not pay any heed in office work. I neglected all this considering you are under some stress but after seeing this month’s report I do not have any other option than to send you a warning letter. I have great expectations from you and want you to be active again and focus on your work instead of wasting time here and there. It would be better for you and your future also.

This is what I have to talk to you about. I want you to visit my office tomorrow as soon as possible, if you are facing any trouble and have problems we will try out best to strive for the best, but if next time I hear any such thing I would make you leave the company. I hope that you will take this warning seriously. Thank you!


John Bush

Warning Letter for Dereliction of Duty
Warning Letter for Dereliction of Duty

Sample -2

3 March 2020
Stephen Lucy
ABC Branch
Bedfordshire, Street 6666

Dear Mr. Lucy,

I have been receiving many complaints about you for the last three months and I am writing this letter as a warning to you to bring a change in your daily routine regarding office work. It is informed that you are showing negligence in performing your daily tasks and last month’s project failed due to your irresponsibility.

Gentlemen, I cannot bear this kind of negligence in my company from any of the employees. I have earned my name after a lot of hard work. We give a verbal warning first, but it was of no use to you. Now I thought to make an official proceeding by sending you this warning letter.

Your colleagues have also reported against you that you do not show any interest in any activity and show laziness in doing any work. We give you a monthly salary based on your hard work, but you are taking benefit of my politeness.

So, take this letter as a serious warning and start improving your performance and show some vigilance. I understand the problems of my employees well but such kind of irresponsibility I cannot bear, so you have to show a positive attitude.

I hope that you will act upon what has been said to you. This time I am giving you the last warning but next time if you do such a thing, I would compel you to resign immediately. Moreover, you have to visit me tomorrow in this regard, and do not forget to bring your monthly progress report along with you. Waiting to see a positive change in you! Thank you.



Warning Letter for Dereliction of Duty

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