Salary Deduction Letter due to Crisis


Re. Salary Deduction Notice due to Crisis Countered to the Company’s Financial Prospects amidst COVID and Lockdown

Dear Joe, It is very perplexing to communicate the salary deduction from your net salary because of the internal issues in the company’s financial deficit. The company has been hit hard by the serious impact of COVID and the implemented lockdown to cater to the spreading virus in financial terms. The closure of the manufacturing department for more than three months and the current deficit in the sales of the products has put the company into serious financial crises.

We are compelled to deduce a certain amount from the salaries of our employees who work in the scale ST-10 or upper. The purpose of making this deduction is to balance the financial downturn of the company and yield an appropriate solution for the financial grief countered by the company. An amount of 10% from your salaries shall be deducted and likely to be compensated later.

A team of high officials and experts from the Accounts and Auditing department has been formed to drive proper possible and quick solutions to get hold of these strange circumstances and navigate the company to the propitious results in the rush of a business downturn. The deduction has been made only from the salaries of ST-16 or upper scale so that the people from lower grades do not suffer more as they have also been struck by the spike in a business downturn. 

Moreover, the deduction has only been made from the salary of June 20XX and shall not be deducted from next month. Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated and compensated as soon as the company dives out of this black situation.

We respect your opinions and grievances in this regard, so you are highly welcome to inspect and inquire about the situation. You can also write to me if you have any questions in this regard at [EMAIL]. You can meet or contact the Accounts officer to enquire further about the amount deducted and the gross/net salary.

Thank you.

Margret Graham
The General Manager
Corporate Branch,
Hi-Tech Group of Electronics
90-D Hastings Ave, San Diego

Salary Deduction Letter due to Crisis


Re. Salary Deduction due to Budgetary Deficit

Dear Jonathan,

This letter has been generated by the Scrutiny Committee of Budget Liaison and Fiscal Management. The letter has been written to inform a certain deduction in the amount of your salary for the month of June because of budgetary deficit faced by the company. The volatile and explosive change in the budgetary graph has changed every fiscal design of the company and thus, it needs abrupt amendment and practical solutions.

This has been caused by the Lytton Group of Industries who after specialized observation and calculation have purchased seven further shares of the company that has caused serious financial damage to the company. This sudden change has caused the company to take some instant and serious steps towards the path of curbing and alleviating these issues. 

In the month of June, to take the balance in control, the first step that has been decided by the scrutiny committee is to take the shares back while scrutinizing and examining the stock exchange market graph. This can be done by forming a specialized team of experts and members of the budget committee and management. The members have been nominated and the list comprising names has been forwarded to the board of governors for further.

Another solution to keep the manufacturing in pace and other operations at work, it has been decided to deduce an amount of USD 500 from the salaries of all the employees working at the grade S-12 or up. This shall be compensated later at an indefinite period of time. Therefore, the deduction is not permanent and hence shall be retrieved once the circumstances go better.

This is essential to alleviate the trouble caused to the company and retrieve the abased name. This can only be done by strong and dedicated teamwork. There is a dire need to elevate our understanding of the marketing industry and stock exchange graph. We expect another level of commitment and cooperation from our employees at this hour of need. For any further discussion, you are invited to the meeting of DHP on 21st June 2021 at 13:00 in the conference media room.

Thanks for your cooperation and resilience.

Best Regards

Oliver Deck
The General Manager
Metro Group of Marketing Industries
90-F Sector 11, Adams Ave, San Diego

Salary Deduction Letter due to Crisis

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