Resignation Letter due to No Increment

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Re. Resignation from the Post of [DESIGNATION]

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [NAME], this letter serves as a resignation letter. In this letter, I have included all the details of my resignation and the major reason behind the unpleasant decision.

I am [NAME] and I am working here since 20XX. I have worked here for [X] years and have been dedicated, determined, and committed throughout the mentioned time. I have one of the loyal most employees of the company as I continued working here for several extra hours without payment i.e., unpaid work. For multiple times, I had to face several grievous issues in the company, but I remained resilient and focused on my work. Despite all the working politics, I did not turn down my professional demeanor.

For these years, I worked on various projects and most of them ended up very successful like [NAME SOME PROJECTS YOU WORKED ON]. I was promised many rewards many times, but no promise was met with fulfillment. Many times, I was promised a bonus but never received it. After spending so much time, I started realizing a lack of appreciation and the underrated competency of my work.

I wrote my first request letter of increment on [DATE] which was also postponed on the account of issues confronted by the company. In this way, many of my emails and requests went non-responded. Therefore, I have decided to leave the company as working on the stagnant digits of the amount is not feasible. Every company grants bonuses and has allotted a certain percentage for the yearly bonus and increments. Increments are the yearly payment to any employee.

This way, a bunch of talent and skills go unrewarded and unappreciated, therefore, I do not feel feasible to continue working here. To not prolong this, I have decided to resign. Please accept my resignation for the same reason as mentioned.

Please let me know by writing to me if you need to ask anything. I have sent an email to the HR Department for the return of the company’s property. My contact details shall remain the same. Thank you.


[REG. NO.]

Resignation letter due to no increment


Re. Resignation due to no Increment in the Salary in [X] Years.

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME] and I am penning down my resignation as an imperative of no increments in the past [X] years. After spending [X] years and making multiple requests for the increment, I do not feel myself a complete fit for the designation. The designation I am working on is one of the most challenging and equally exacting posts in the company, thus, I deserve an annual increment of [PERCENTAGE].

Unfortunately, none of my requests for the increment has been accepted, therefore, I have chosen to resign from the designation of [POST]. In this duration, I worked very hard and earned great prestige for the company. I remained excessively loyal and involved in the company’s complicated problems and always remained in the forefront to solve them.

Although my qualification is lower than the other members of the research team by my level of expertise and distinction in the research methods, it unequivocally, makes my seniority and incrementation the salary indispensable. Having my experience, skills, and professional qualities undervalued, I am feasible in resigning from the job. I am thankful to you for all the cooperation.



Resignation letter due to no increment

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