Security Services Proposal Letter to Client

Re. Security Services Proposal Letter

Dear [Client’s Name], I am pleased to receive your request for a proposal letter on security services. Today, with the latest technology and modern tools for security, chances of breach of security have also increased.

Breachers and intimidators have the latest and most diverse methods of causing harm and taking away people’s property and their belongings in different ways. This makes security a high-in-demand service these days. Security is needed everywhere; i.e. from a cricket ground to school and from a shopping mall to a residential area, we need fool-proof security systems to be installed. Similarly, in the world of business, the safety of the employees and clients comes before any other need.

We, at the [Name of the security company], provide security services to our clients at all different levels according to the requirement of the place. We have an expert team of security guards and security managers who look into the potential harm before taking on the project and work day and night to make the premises secure and hazard-free.

We have been providing our services since 20xx. During these x years, we took on various projects of different natures. We have given a brief overview of our services to let you know what we can serve.

We provide the following services to our clients;

  1. Security Consultation and Site Visits: Recently, we have come up with the idea of providing security consultations to different clients. In this process of consultation, our security officials brief and advise on the loopholes in the present security systems and possible breaches of security areas. We provide consultation to the already working security team on what to consider the most and how to keep themselves ready for a possible security threat.
  1. Security System Including Fire Alarms, CCTVs, and Security Rooms: We also provide our clients with security system installation services. We design plausible agreements with the manufacturers and install the security systems where required. We provide fire alarms, threat alarms, weather conditions alarms, CCTVs with LED screens, fully-built security rooms for companies and large-scale businesses, and high-cadre residential areas.
  1. Officially Licensed and Armed Security Guards and Professionals: We provide large-scale businesses like shopping malls and residential areas with full-time security guards and professionals like security supervisors and managers. Our team of security guards has licensed arms and we have an official approval of the security team by the federal and local government. Therefore, we are in the capacity to provide our services all over the state.

We provide security services at a very reasonable price. We provide complete and transparent cost data to justify the pricing of the service. If you want to hire a professional service from us, please let us know and schedule a meeting at your earliest to discuss everything required. 

We are looking forward to working with you in the future and building a strong professional relationship. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.


[Name of the Security Company]
[Authorized Signature & Date]

Security Services Proposal Letter to Client

(Sample #2)

Re. Proposal for Security Services w.r.t. Request for Proposal (RoP)

Dated [Date]

Dear Client,

With special reference to the above-mentioned, this letter concerns the security service for your school. We have been providing security services to schools all over the state for more than X years. We provide security services to educational institutes only and it makes our service special for being specific and categorical.

We are, at first, thankful to you for showing interest in our service. We have a range of security services for your school. We provide a security system that is comprehensive, detailed, and covers the complete area of the school.

It includes security consultation, overcoming the security loopholes in the building, installation of fingerprint scanners, CCTVs, Aerial Monitoring, and a security team that includes guards and security professionals who are well-trained, well-equipped, and experts in their work.

We are an officially registered security company and we have the federal government’s permission certificate to allow our team to work within certain premises and areas.

Plan Y-1 which includes all services will cost you $[x] which is open to negotiations. However, if you do not want to get complete services, you can still get the service of your choice and need, which will cost otherwise. We can meet and discuss your requirements, then make a package plan of services and deliver the service accordingly.

Please, let us know of your availability before [date]. One of our client coordinators will visit you to discuss this further. Thank you.


[Name of the Company]
[Signature & Date]

Security Services Proposal Letter to Client

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