Letter to Customer that You are Upgrading the Company

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Dear customers, thank you for always trusting our company and its services. We have been serving you for more than two decades and our products have high marketing value. We provide products to customers keeping in view their expectations. You have always incessantly assisted us with your positive feedback.

This letter details about our products upgradation. These products are more durable and have a favorable outcome in no time. Their result is magnificent and is on the priority list of the customers. Their application is very smooth and easy. We have high expectations that you all will love it a lot.

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We are back with exciting news for all of you that we are joining forces with the ABC group of enterprises. We are obliged to ABC Enterprises for giving us a chance to work in collaboration. We appeared in the market a decade ago and in a short span, our business has gained huge success. We started from low and had no idea that we will come this far.

Our products have conspicuous finishing. We use high-quality materials in finishing our products and have gained a lot of appreciation. We believe that this change will be to your benefit and you will love every bit of our products.

#3 sample

You all will be familiar with the changes we made recently in our brand by adding some new products. We have decided to change our outlet’s name also. Hence, our customers will have a better understanding of our work nature. It has changed from Xinhua Store to Xinhua Cash and Carry. We promise to deliver you the best quality of products. Our success solely depends on you trusting our brand which has made us gain fame in no time. We still demand your corroboration and support as it will increase our morale.

#4 sample

As per the new policy act of government in the medical field, our corporation is changing its name to Clinics Healthcare Pharmacy. These policies have been made after a dreadful incident in a renowned company that took the lives of many people. It is mandatory for every apothecary to have a doctor with a pharmacy degree. They will be appointed on complete merit and will be given handsome salary amounts.

Their duty would be to see the manufacturing of medicines and ensure their best quality. We are in your service for a long time and working with humanity’s spirit. We promise to provide you with our best services.

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We are changing our business line from clothing to cosmetics. This has been decided after seeing in the market the high demand for cosmetic products. Our clothing brand also gained us a lot of fame and customers trusted us. We will ensure you the best quality cosmetic products that will be suitable for all skin types. We demand your support as it will make us capable to work better. Your token of appreciation boosts our morale. We promise that we will never break your trust.

#6 sample

Please be notified that from [mention date] we will come up with a new business name. Only the name has been changed and the rest of the things will remain the same. We will provide you with the same quality products with a new passion. It will not bring any change to our already set rules and policies. We were in need of changing the name according to market demands. This will help us to rank better.

Please convey this information to all the concerned departments enclosing a copy of this message. We are working in partnership with ABC Organization and it has always been in good corroboration with us. We believe that you will cooperate with us in this matter.

#7 sample

Dear customers, we want to inform you that we are shifting our office from Brooklyn to New Jersey, Street 250. We will officially continue working there from [mention date]. Our Brooklyn office was congested due to space issues. Now, we are moving to a bigger office and our excitement level is very high. Our workers are very enthusiastic to serve you with new passion and keenness. More updates about it will be published on our official website. Thank you for always bee benevolent and concerned.

Letter to Customer that You are Upgrading the Company

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