Show Cause Letter for Coming Late

Whenever you work in any organization, during your working period you are bound to be careful in what you do and what you say. One must be very clear in what he had intended to communicate to the other person as to avoid any misunderstanding. But as humans, it is certainly possible for all of us to make mistakes. At the same time, it is always good to take responsibility for your actions. When your actions either mislead anyone working in an organization or create any kind of disturbance then you are issued with a letter known as the show cause letter.

The show-cause letter demands you to write down the cause of your uncertain behavior. Stating the reason behind the unusual behavior becomes very important here. You need to satisfy the management with a preferable answer as to what led you to behave in a manner that is not acceptable. A clear and valid reason is required to be given by the individual who is issued a show-cause letter.

This letter is not immediately issued followed by an uncertain behavior. At first, you are given time to come back to normal but if your behavior persists then you are issued with the show cause letter.

Template Letter

Mr. James
Chief operating officer

Mr. Mezzo
Sales executive

Dated: 31st December, 20XX

Subject: show cause letter for coming late.

Dear Mr. Mezzo,

It is to bring to your attention that the management has taken notice of your late comings to the office. Your manager Mr. Smit had earlier warned you of coming late but you had continued with your same routine of arriving late at the office. Smith your late coming to the office is not something new to us. You have been practicing this since last month.

As a matter of fact, earlier it did not affect us before as you had given us a clear reason for your mother’s health due to which you were unable to come on time. But as for now, when your mother is also well, it is affecting us because you not only arrive late at the office but also leave the office premises early before time without completing your work which has led to work being over compiled.

This behavior of yours is certainly not acceptable as your lack of contribution to work is leaving a negative impact on your coworkers and is also affecting your overall performance.

You have been a good employee of the company who has always worked diligently towards achieving the company goals. We wish to work with you on good terms but this attitude of yours is becoming a hurdle in our healthy relationship.

I demand from you in writing a clear reason for your late coming to the office. Your reason must be very clear and sensible. You need to give your reason within two days of receiving this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Mr. Mezzo
Sales executive

Show Cause Letter for Coming Late

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