Thank you Message to Boss for Increment


Dear Sir, I am writing this message to you to pay my formal gratitude to you for increasing my salary. I am truly humbled as you acknowledge my efforts that I invest in the company and rewarding me for them.


Respected boss, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate you giving me the salary increment before the start of a new year as I was hoping it only after the new year starts. I am truly joyous over this unexpected benefaction from your end. Hence, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.


Dear John, please accept this message as a formal expression of gratitude from me for giving me an increment. I am truly humbled that you have paid heed to my request for the increase. I would also like to add here that I will also increase diligence and hard work from my end and try to invest all my energies for the growth of this company. Thank you!


Ma’am, I thank you from the deepest of my heart for giving me a raise in my monthly salary along with a bonus. That is so generous and considerate of you. I look forward to a stronger work relationship and hope I will get many more pleasures like this in the future again. Thank you again!


Dear Ma’am, it is moments like these when an employee feels elevated and appreciated for putting all the due efforts into his/her job. Salary increments are pivotal to a company’s growth as it boosts up workers’ morale. You have also lifted my spirits by giving me an increment and I vow to show an upsurge in my performance as well. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this benevolence of yours.


I am pleased to have received the notice of a monthly increment in my salary. I would, hereby, like to formally pay my gratitude for your generosity and hope there are more like celebrate in the forthcoming years together. Thank you, boss!


I am truly delighted that you have considered my application for a salary raise in my monthly earnings. I promise to increase my performance as well so we could have more moments to celebrate together. Thank you, sir!


Sir, I am glad you took notice of the industrious efforts I invest in your company. I will take this increment as your reckoning of my hard work. I truly appreciate this present from you and I formally thank you for this.


Dear Sir, thank you for acknowledging the hard work I have been doing for your company. Your consistent appreciation boosts up my work morale.


Respected Ma’am, you have always been there to guide me through my thick and thin, and your tokens of appreciation and reckoning my growth help me achieve more. I would like to take this opportunity to pay my homage to you for increasing my annual income. Best wishes!

Thank you Message to Boss for Increment

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