Thank you Letter to School Principal for Admission

Respectful Sir/Ma’am, I hope this letter finds you in a good state of health. I, Daniel Greg, father of Joe Greg, am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude for giving my son admission to your prestigious school for the session 0000 to 0000. Greg acquired admission in 7th grade just last week and I am pleased to say that the school staff cooperated with us every step of the way.

Since Greg is our first child, we did not have much exposure to the protocols of the admission-related matters of private institutions. Moreover, our acquaintances and friends did not have a good experience in private schools, hence we were a little confused and afraid.

We understand all the customs and formalities we had to go through were a part of your system and we much appreciate the high merit and quality of education you are providing.

Only with such decorum and regulations, a standard and valuable education system can be maintained. The overall procedure would have been a bit overwhelming and tiresome for us had we not for your throughout assistance and cooperation with us.

We hope our son will encounter quality education worth experiencing and come out as an excellent student under your supervision and administration. We pray for a bright future with diverse prospects for him. Please accept this letter as a cordial thank you note from us.



Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We are the parents of Linda McCoy, a 5th-grade student who just got enrolled in your esteemed institution. We are pleased to have this opportunity to write this note of gratitude to you at this promising moment for our family.

Our daughter, Linda McCoy, is a gifted child with invaluable abilities and talents. We had her enrolled in a public school nearby our area for her primary schooling as we considered it a quality institution. Nevertheless, to our utmost disappointment, she was not regarded the way she should have been.

We understand the limitations the public schools have in multiple contexts, and therefore we decided it to be in the best interests of Linda to take her out and get her admitted to an institution where her potential is reckoned and groomed

After much thorough research, we determined to try your school as it is a well-reputed organization most illustrious for its concentration on the student’s needs and requirements. We realized your student-centered approach to teaching would only be the best choice for our daughter.

It came as a pleasant surprise to us as we contacted your school that the administration and entire staff were quite friendly and polite in their conduct with their prospective students. The whole admission process went quite smoothly with their cooperation and assistance. 

We are much happy and content with our choice and hope to see our daughter shine brightly at your institute. Thank you for your help and support throughout.


Thank you Letter to School Principal for Admission

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