Trade License Cancellation Letter

There comes a time in a business venture when there seems no way than to cancel your business due to multiple reasons. The reason for this can be the organization is suffering through bankruptcy or it is indulged in some wrongdoing, misgoverned by authorities or the possessor does not find it suitable to continue the business further.

There are some things that a business owner must keep in mind while deciding to cancel the business including reimbursement for employees and assembling of balance due. In addition, to cancel visas and other sanctions, their license should be canceled too. To cancel the license, you need some documents and acceptance from concerned officials, and it solely hangs on which business license you are possessing.

If the organization has lodged itself as a legal enterprise to perturb the administration of location, it is anticipated to come up with the government’s obligations regarding its tasks and reliabilities as a legal enterprise. For this reason, the government receives fine from any establishment or business that does not revitalize their license after the said time period.

As this is a component of terms and conditions of government, it will still charge business in spite of their proclaiming that the business is closed. For this reason, it is important to cancel license and sanctions linked to the organization to save the business from getting charged because they are not vitalizing them in proper time.

Cancellation of a license means that a repository with business names in any country will not have the name of your organization on it. When the government comes to know this that you have canceled your license and business, you will dart punishments and fines that could stockpile due to the license’s non-renewal. It’s rather a simple process to cancel your license anyhow it quietly hangs on what kind of organization you own.

This letter should write in a formal pattern like business letters, it leaves a good impression and gives it a look of professionalism. Following is a sample for the trade license cancellation letter. 

Sample Letter

Re. Trade Cancellation Letter

Dear McKay,

The aim of writing this letter is to inform you about the trade license cancellation of dispositions invested with your organization having order number 1356-000 LER from 12-09-2019 to 15-04-2020. 

We appeal to you to postpone all delivery items and orders raised in the supposed document. We would like to inform you that because of some changes in the organization’s plan to prepare some items we do not have a need to take products issued by you. In consequence, we are compelled to cancel our all orders with respect to this. 

We honestly seek forgiveness for all the discomforts that happened because of this. In case you have any query you can ask and contact anytime regarding any arrangements concerning the order. 

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Trade License Cancellation Letter

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