Construction Contract Acceptance Letter

If you are a company that deals with construction-related contracts or a freelance contractor, either way, you will be pitched by various vendors to take care of their construction site. The protocol usually is a company requiring contractors to notify all publicly about their tenders or send an invitation to company B with all the details enclosed. Company B, that company A has met the proposal request, goes through the relevant documents reviewing the contract with every minute detail possible, and then reverts with an answer.

Since looking over and supervising the construction site is a hard nut to crack, such huge deals are often made with great thoughtfulness.

Once the pitched company has overviewed the whole proposal, it can decide if the offer matches best with company goals or it will be a loss. If the company board decides to take the offer it begins working on crafting the most appropriate response; i.e. a letter of construction contract acceptance letter.

In this letter, the company or the freelance contractor first pay gratitude for pitching them and how thankful they are for trusting their services. After the formal thanks, now the person responsible for writing the letter on behalf of the company has to move to the news that the board has accepted the contract offer. A little feedback on the proposal, if any, would also be appreciated.

Afterward, the terms and clauses should be mentioned if there is a need of pointing out any amendments in the proposal. The company may also visibly clear out its intent related to the execution of the project. All the approaches and methods should be conveyed leaving no ambiguity. It should also be mentioned that company B is entitled to make any necessary changes in the way it carries out the contract, but it will inform at priority.

If you are put in a position to write this letter, make sure you keep its tone professional and choose words wisely. Any loophole can lead to grave consequences for the company and you will be the one responsible for it.

Following is a draft for a construction contract acceptance letter.

Sample Letter

The Future Construction Solutions,

We, at ABC Solutions, are beyond excited to write this response to your construction contract offer but firstly we would like to pay our gratitude for trusting our services and sending us a proposal. ABC Solutions has earned a great name in the marketplace after the vigilance and dedication of half a decade in this field and we are glad you have reckoned it.

As we have reviewed your project proposal thoroughly and we believe it is quite smoothly crafted. All the details are compatible with the services we offer thus we shall carry it out the way you want. Please review our proposed methods and approach in the execution of this contract enclosed in this letter.

Nonetheless, we would also like to bring this into your attention that all the proposed methods are subject to change as per the situation. However, our team will make sure it informs you prior to any amendments.

Hoping for a healthy business relationship,

Mark Joe,
ABC Solutions

Construction Contract Acceptance Letter Template

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