Letter to Tenant for No Smoking in the Accommodation

As we all know that smoking is injurious to health because it leads to many contagious diseases. Smoking is prohibited in some places according to the policies made by authorities. To inform your tenant about nonsmoking in the accommodation you have to state clearly that the government has made policies now to ban smoking in the accommodation.

Smoking has bad impacts on the respiratory system and causes many other health diseases. You have to mention your tenants that smoking is prohibited and this is applicable to all employees, guests, and residents. Inform them that after a certain time period you are not allowed to smoke, and the violation of these rules will be taken seriously.

You have to tell each and every chunk of the non-smoking policy to your tenant. While writing all your tone should be gentle and avoid harsh words. Tell them that no smoking signboards will be posted outside the main gate of the building and it is allowed in the park located near the building and if a resident sees other resident smoking then serious action will be taken against him. The administration will then take a proper stance.

Each tenant will be given a smoking policy and after signing them you have to return it to management. To follow these rules strictly, a copy of the non-smoking policy will be placed outside your apartment. Below is a sample for a letter to tenant for no smoking in the accommodation. 

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. William,

This letter is to inform you that the apartment located at Manchester St,456 has been declared smoke free by XYZ authority for ensuring the wellbeing of residents. It is not allowed in any part of the building as well as accommodations, but for householders having temporary dispensation from this policy.

It is allowed only in certain specified areas outside the apartments. The areas of main use in your accommodation will be smoke-free including laundry, garage, gardens, basements, lawns, stairways, courtyards, common rooms, entrance, and hallways. You as well as your guests have to follow these rules and regulations to make the accommodation smoke free. 

Smoking relates to breathing, inhaling, carrying, exhaling, and keeping of lighted pipe, cigar, and cigarette carrying tobacco in it or some other contagious product. In case of violating these rules, you will be responsible for its consequences. These rules have been made for your safety and moreover, smoking is injurious to health.

I assure you that still you will adore living in accommodation. I am of the view that this tiny change is a window of opportunity for you to make certain the building and its inhabitants healthier and smoke-free.

You are required now to stick to this policy and take this letter as notification about the alterations that will be materialized on your lease renewal. You are requested thereby to sign the affixed form and give it back to the administration in seven days. In case of any query, you can contact the administration or write to [email].



Rock Marlin
Assistant Manager,
KOLA NEM Company

Letter to Tenant for No Smoking in the Accommodation

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