Two-Week Resignation Notice Letter for Job

Re. Two-Week Resignation Notice

Dear Sir, with due respect and regard for this company and you as an employee, I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as a [mention the position and department] by two weeks from now. I understand that my resignation can cause some inconvenience but I am ready to do anything to minimize any problem caused by my resignation. However, I am leaving this job as I have another opportunity on the table that is closer to my career goals, closer to my hometown, and paying better remuneration.

I believe that we should never stop at one point and put a halt in our career goals to satisfy our comfort zone, however, we should keep seeking better opportunities that align with our long-term goals. Being more interested in data analysis than data search, I want to move from this job to the newer one. Having spent more than five years here in this organization, it seems to be really a tough decision to make a move at this moment but I am motivated enough to make sane and plausible decisions for my career.

I started my career with this company when I was hired as a [Name the position]. I learned a lot from this organization and got many opportunities to showcase my skills. This company and your kind guidance have always been a great support for me throughout my career. Moreover, I got a chance to work with an amazing team of content management who treated me like a friend and always guided me.

I am very much thankful to you for everything and assure you of my full support to make this transition smooth and free from any disruption. Thank you.



Two-Week’ Resignation Notice Letter for Job

(Sample #2)

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear Madam/Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you that I am leaving this job on [mention the date] two weeks from now. As discussed earlier with you, I am shifting back to my hometown which makes it difficult to commute for this job. However, I found another opportunity just near my house. Although the nature of the job there is different and it looks like it is a fresh start to my career, we still have to make some difficult decisions to accommodate ourselves with life.

I firmly believe that this fresh start will be very fruitful for my career as I am a very dedicated person and put a lot of hard work into my responsibilities and tasks. I cannot overlook the time I spent here in this organization. Your organization taught me a lot about the practical mechanisms of work life. Moreover, I spent some great moments here in this company by making new and very good friends who guided me on each step and always supported me.

I understand that my resignation might cause some inconvenience as new recruitment is a time-taking process. I assure you that I can do everything in my power to make this transition smooth and free from disruption. I have a nominee for my replacement whose profile I have attached to this letter. I will do everything in these two weeks to hand over my responsibilities and train the new recruitment in the best possible way.

I will be very thankful to you for understanding. Please direct the concerned authorities to provide me with the details of what I need to do before my resignation comes into effect. Thank you.



Two-Week’ Resignation Notice Letter for Job

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