Conduct Infraction Notice

Re. Conduct Infraction Notice

Dear [Name], this letter serves as a warning and reprimand letter, hence, it should be taken likewise.

I am very disappointed while writing this notice letter to you. On [date], you demonstrated the most unprofessional and unacceptable behavior in the office. The office had a big day on [date] which was spoiled due to your enraged attitude. According to your supervisor and other management officials, they have been noticing rude and disobedient behavior in you for a long, however, many times you were informed to correct your demeanor by your supervisor.

I came to know of the entire incident that happened on that day but I do not find anything so peculiar that can justify your violating attitude. Your performance is already much lower than our expectations, however, we have been waiting for you to revamp yourself on the track of mindfulness at work. However, behavior like the one you demonstrated is not acceptable.

Our office is very committed to a peaceful environment and an ambiance filled with positive and professional behavior. We have very strict policies to combat such issues including suspension and even termination of the employee without further notice. Moreover, our policies include taking away all employment benefits or temporary layoffs.

We expect you to correct your behavior by rectifying the violating attitude. However, if you have a valid justification to justify the entire incident, you can contact my assistant [Name of the assistant] and schedule a meeting. Please pay heed to the infraction notice, otherwise, strict actions will be taken against you that can be unpleasant for your career at [Name of the company].



[Company & Signature]

Conduct Infraction Notice Sample

(Sample #2)

Subject: Code of Conduct Infraction Notice w.r.t. Harassment Case Subjected to Unprofessional Treatment.

Dear [Name of the employee],

We are sending you this conduct infraction notice to warn you against the possible consequence that can come in case of further non-compliance. Infractions notices are meant to be taken seriously as they can lead to further termination, suspension, fine, or reduction in salary including demotion depending on the severity of the violation.

You have been seen to be in direct violation of our community policy of safety, professionalism, working ethics, and unethical speech against coworkers. According to the reported complaints and evidence submitted to the Employees Affair Manager (EAM), it is evident that you committed all the above violations that are strictly prohibited on the premises of the office.

Moreover, you have been reported to smoking and drink in disguise during office hours as well which is strictly prohibited and answered with a total infraction of the employee by terminating from the respective designation.

You have been reported to be harassing your junior worker by sending text messages and personal images to her. It is unacceptable in our workplace as we, as a community, believe in inclusivity and respect in our office culture. Thus, we do not allow our employees to cross the professional limits. This notice letter is a warning asking you to correct your behavior, write an explanation for the committed violation, and promise by providing an affidavit that you will never do these violations again.

Respond to this infraction notice by providing enough explanation of your violation. In case of further non-compliance, the company can terminate you without notice and retirement benefits. Thank you.


[Company Name]

Conduct Infraction Notice Sample

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