Message to Secretary for Urgent Meeting


Dear Elizabeth, owing to some unexpected changes in our on-going project (name of the project) with Skyrocket Solutions, it has become inevitable to call an urgent meeting. Since it is our main project, we do not want any problems with our esteemed client. Please invite all the team members of this project to an urgent meeting at 00:00 at the meeting room and obligate them to arrive on time.


John, it is intimated to you that an emergency meeting has been scheduled today at 00:00 pm/am in the meeting room on the ground floor. The agenda of the meeting will include a discussion on the side effects of the new spike of COVID-19 on our business and laying off all the unnecessary employees of the company to reconcile the loss. Please counsel everyone to adhere to the time.


Dear Rosemond, I am holding an urgent meeting tomorrow at 00:00 am at the meeting hall on the 1st floor with the board members and HODs of all the departments. I request you to inform all the relevant authorities of this and convey them to ensure their timely arrival. The subject of this meeting is the re-election of all the departments as we have recently uncovered fraudulent activities in certain sectors. The invitees are expected to do their homework and come prepared with the right suggestion and feedback. See you all tomorrow!


Dear [Name], I have recently completed the monthly analysis of all departments’ performances and to my dismay, I found a lot of malicious happenings taking place in a very unhealthy way. But thankfully I discovered them with my assistant’s help. The board has decided to not let it go but confront the situation and address those involved. To probe this matter, I have arranged a meeting tomorrow at 10 am. Please forward the meeting schedule to the HoDs of all departments. I expect them to come with an explanation. Thanks!


Paula, it is intimated to you that I have decided to call an emergency meeting tomorrow at 11 am to probe a few complaints I have been receiving from several employees. The nature of these objections has raised grave concerns for the administration, hence the decision. Kindly advise John Kimmel, Mr. John Paul, and Miss Elizabeth Buffet from the Sales and Marketing Department to ensure their timely arrival. Also, send a formal invite to the heads of Marketing and HR departments for the meeting. Thank you!


Dear Rosa, the CEO has called upon an emergency meeting for all the board directors to unfold the unfortunate event of racism that took place in the HR department at the hands of our project head which was against the company policy. I request you to send an invitation to all our board members with the time and venue mentioned clearly. The meeting will take place at the CEO’s office at sharp 10:00 am. We would appreciate the timely arrival of everyone. Thank you!

Message to Secretary for Urgent Meeting

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