Warning Letter for a Security Guard for Sleeping on Duty

The work hours and nature of a security guard’s job are quite odd and tough which can lead to exhaustion or laziness. Although, security guards are hired to protect the place, so it is understood that their fundamental duty is to stay awake and alert. This is the only way they can provide protection and security for the people they are hired for.

People tend to hire guards for their family or business they are careful of which means they need a little extra safety for it. They require a diligent guard who can always guarantee the safety of their possessions no matter what. Therefore, the guards usually have long hours of duties, from 16-hrs to even 24-hrs. Quite shockingly, a lot of time security guards doze off during their duty putting the safety of the people at high risk. This can put the company or individuals in a vulnerable position.

Realistically speaking, such a case scenario is not fictional, but it is quite real, and it can happen to you as well. You should be a little more cautious and keep an eye on your security guard through all the means possible making him realize that he has to be alert during his job. But a mishap does not need a reason for it can occur any time despite all your endeavors.

If you catch your security guard dozing off on duty, you better take it seriously and address the issue with your concerns. The best way for doing so will be writing a formal warning letter without going for verbal admonishing first because of the gravity of the matter.

While drafting this warning letter to the security guard for sleeping on duty, make sure you are stating the facts based on which you are pushed to write the letter in the first place. Make your complaint clear and concise with solid proof of him taking a nap when he was supposed to be up.

The tone and words of your letter should not be intimidating or insulting rather to the point and serious. You don’t need to humiliate the person for doing what he did, rather the intention is to make him realize his mistake, so it does not happen again.

Sample Letter

Dear Mark,

I am regretted to say that I have been noticing your activities during your work hours and it dawned upon me that you have been dozing off during duty. This is a very alarming situation as your job is to secure the place by staying up all night watching over the company.

By neglecting to do so, you are putting the company in a vulnerable position which anyone can take advantage of. Thus, I am warning you to be more diligent and efficient towards the duty you are hired and being paid for. Failing to provide the necessary provisions in the future from your end can lead to disciplinary measures.

I hope such an unfortunate incident will not occur again.



Security Incharge,
ABC Solutions

Warning Letter for a Security Guard for Sleeping on Duty

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