Resignation Letter for Conflict of Values

Containing yourself in the workplace is not an easy job as there can be multiple factors responsible for stimulating unwanted feelings in you. Failing to address these factors accountable for igniting conflicts can further lead to major disputes that have the potential to kill an amicable and harmonious environment.

As an employee, there could be a plethora of provocative reasons for you to stress out failing to maintain your work routine. The scope of this stress at the workplace is quite large and multifold ranging from inability to perform to personal clashes. Nonetheless, it spurs extreme dissatisfaction and inefficacy in the employee as it becomes overwhelming. He/she is no longer able to work at heart with due diligence until the root cause is not addressed and the problem solved.

It’s quite possible that you, as a worker, have the kind of conflict which cannot be resolved with mere amendments in your or the concerned authority’s behavior. Disagreements can turn real ugly causing major disturbance if they are confrontational in their nature. If you believe your values aren’t aligned with the company you work for, you may go through a hard time coping and might even go through symptoms of adjustment disorder.

This disagreement can incite resentment for the company and a lack of interest in the execution of everyday duties at work. These feelings don’t arise only when the overall atmosphere of the company seems toxic to you rather in case, you’re paired up with a colleague who has an opposite belief system can also disappoint you.

In the beginning, you will make efforts to resolve it in a peaceful manner but if you experience it’s not being solved rather the company policies are not respecting your values, you may be pushed to a corner. These conflicts could be ethical, political, religious, or any other belief system.

Before you start writing the resignation letter for the conflict of values, make sure you carefully choose the words. Disrespectful and spiteful words will only make you look questionable.

Just stay to the point by mentioning the reason you are quitting and the efforts you put to eliminate but didn’t work. You can also shed some light on the things you’ve learned from the company.

Sample Letter

Dear Mike,

It is with regret that I announce that I am quitting my position as a lead manager in the HR department. The last couple of months have been quite revealing for me as I learned activities of my superiors that are not aligned with my personal values.

The state of how things function at a higher-level pertaining to financial and ethical affairs has disappointed me. It has dawned upon me how some of my superiors are involved in questionable and accountable acts but despite my efforts to address the issues and try to eliminate them, things haven’t changed a bit.

I am now pushed to resign from this company as I no longer can work in an environment I strongly feel about. Nevertheless, I would also take this opportunity to pay my gratitude for all the skills I learned at the workshops.

I hope you will take a look into the matter and eradicate the causes of this growing moral and financial corruption prevalent in the company.



Resignation Letter for Conflict of Values

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