Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

2 March 2020
Elif Williams
ABC Organization
New York, 3456

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am Jane Max the CEO of the company in which you are working currently. Since the day of its establishment, I have had a great concern regarding its management and internal and external affairs, and keep a strict eye on the employees here. I am writing this letter to you after the complaints that I have received against you. I have been informed through some reliable resources that you are accused of gossiping and having an affair with Miss Julian.

I consider it necessary now to tell you once again about the company’s policies. On your joining date if you remember that you had signed on a page in which it was written clearly that you will not commit anything that will disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the company.

Moreover, you have also caught red-handed touching her body parts which is totally against the ethics and policies of the company. I cannot bear any of such things in my company. You have become a hot issue now and your gossip scene has badly affected the atmosphere of the company.

I am giving you the first and last opportunity not to do this again. I consider you a good guy, so take this warning seriously. If next time I hear any of such things then I would have no other option than to leave you immediately. I hope that you will act upon what I have said to you. Thank you!


Jane Max

Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

Sample -2

2 March 2020

Leo Edward
ABC Organization
New York, 7779

Dear Mr. Edward,

I am writing this letter as the first and last warning to you on the basis of accusations that have been imposed against you regarding the gossip scene. As you know that our institute is one of the best institutes in the city and it has established its repo after a lot of hard work from the employees as well as the management.

I was noticing this for a long time but I ignored it maybe I am wrong and you will start improving yourself but all went wrong.

Yesterday, the parents of one of the students of class 8th met me in my office and they insulted me that keeping you as a teacher here is damaging the student’s future career and putting a bad impression on them. They informed me well about your scene of class 8th student. The sad part here is that I was informed through my parents, which is really a shameful thing for me.

I did not have such kind of expectations from you that you will contribute to damaging the school’s reputation. Moreover, I also came to know that you have an affair with Miss Kelvin also. While listening to all this I was really shocked.

I did not expect such kind of stupidity from my staff. You know this thing very well that I do not want to put my student career at stake. Therefore I request you respect each and every female member here in the school in spite of making affairs with them.

I hope that after all this you will leave your bad activities. Parents send their children here to get an education and after these kinds of incidents, they definitely will not allow their children to study here.

So take this warning seriously. I do not want to hear such kind of gossip against you again, otherwise, you will be responsible for its aftermaths and I will exclude you from here. Thank you!


Anthony Well

Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

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