Expense Claim Forms

What is Expense Claim Form?

The expense claim form is a mandatory document which almost every company or organization keeps. It is a quite significant form which aware the company about the expense spend on different tasks such as traveling. Having this document reflects the professional impact of the company.

Company Details:

Mention the name of the company along with the logo of it on the expense claim form. It gives a proper identity to the document and eases the record keeping of a particular company.

Expense Details:

Expense details include the date on which the expense was made. There should be a proper description of the expense. In case of traveling, do mention the details of journey/ traveling such as the starting location, destination, and the mileage consumed. For the other office expense, mention the proper reason for it. It is considered better to attach the slips or receipt along with the document.

Total Expense Claimed:

Do mention the cost of each expense made in a month. In addition to this, write down the sum up of all the costs so that one could get the idea of the total amount spent by having a glimpse of the form.


The claim is usually made by a manager. The branch manager or the employee needs to fill the details of his designation and employment ID. After making the expense claim form, the manager has to sign the document.

Authorized Approval:

The approval or rejection of the expense is entirely dependent on the higher authority of the organization. The expense claim form is reviewed properly. If it gets approved then the higher authority signs this document.

The net amount claimed date of signature of claimant and date of signature of authorized personnel should be present on the document. It enhances the effectivity of the document.

Expense Claim Form in Excel Format:

Professionally designed expense claim form is provided here if you have MS Excel installed on your computer. The template has the following properties

  • EXCEL software: Fill all details regarding the expense in the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Printable: Get the prints after filling the details in it.
  • Sample: Use it when required.
  • Layout: The design is simple and professional
  • Customizable: You can keep the original format or make any suitable changes as per your requirement.


Expense claim form template

[.xls] format | Download

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