Warning Letter for Negligence Driving


Re. Warning for Negligent Driving

Dear [NAME], this letter is to inform you that I had been receiving numerous complaints about your negligent driving for the past few months. Your rash driving can lead to some serious accidents one day, so take this letter as a warning. I have been waiting to write to you for the past few weeks, as you are off duty now, so it is the best time to write and take this letter.

You must understand all the responsibility that comes with you as a driver. Half of the school children commute through the school bus that you drive. With all I had, I confided in you, but you made a wrong use of my clemency as a gesture of my distress.

Many kids and their parents have already lodged a complaint against you in the administration office and they have been considering replacing the driver. Many report that they have verbally asked you to drive carefully but you never mind them. This is the only warning to you to behave professionally and drive carefully. If you want to work for the school and remain its employee, then make sure to drive carefully.

I want you to show rectitude and respectability while on duty. Further non-compliance with my orders will lead to permanent termination. I hope this letter would be enough to mark a reprimand and no more negligence would be observed.

I will see you this Friday and hopefully by then you would have redeveloped your ways. You have been working for the school as a driver for a decade, therefore, we do not want to lose an old employee. I hope this warning shall do its work. I would be thankful for taking this letter as a note of serious warning.


Warning Letter for Negligence Driving


Re. Negligent Driving Warning

Dear Mr. [NAME],

We have been informed that on [DATE], you were figured in an accident. The vehicle that was used in it belonged to [NAME] Company with plate number [X] in [AREA]. Similarly, on another date, you also figured in the same kind of vehicular accident using a vehicle of the same organization in [AREA].

All this happened due to your negligent driving which can be shown through CCTV footage at Traffic Policing and Control (TPC). Traffic administrators that were present at the incident’s scene stated in their official accident report that you were drunk. They also included your statement in their report that you were coming directly from the party where they had served alcohol.

Despite consuming alcohol, you took the vehicle of the company and drove it which led to a vehicular accident. The company strictly prohibits its drivers from using the company’s vehicle for personal purposes. Repeated infringement of the above-mentioned prohibition adds up to willful insubordination of the orders of law. Under the code of law, this can cause termination.

Hereby, you are required to write an explanation and submit it to the concerned office in the next seven days. You will also be provided a chance to express your turn on the matter. If you fail to provide a written explanation within the given time frame, then the organization will decide the matter based on the authentication and records available to it.

Kindly take this letter as a warning. I hope you will refrain from doing the same in the future, so may not take any possible action against you. The next notification would be printing your termination otherwise.

Therefore, it is advisable to mend your driving ways and be diligent about your responsibilities.


Warning Letter for Negligence Driving

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