Writing Cleaning Company for Bad Services


Re. Bad Cleaning Services

Dear [NAME], this letter is being written to make a complaint to [NAME] Company about its cleaning staff. I would like to bring this to your notice being an employee in the HR department. As the matter is of our hygiene and soon, we will fall ill if proper care will not be taken in this regard.

We had been taking the services of your cleaning company for the past three years. This letter aims to complain about several issues regarding improper behavior of your cleaning staff that has continued for the past few weeks.

I would like to draw your attention towards this that the cleaning staff has been very irresponsible and unethical towards their work. No proper cleaning schedule is followed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace.

Earlier, it was followed with proper maintenance including cleaning of rooms, washrooms, floor mopping, and changing of tissues and towels. But now, the situation is quite opposite, and a total mess is seen everywhere as there would be dirt and dust everywhere. The condition of the washrooms is pathetic.

The coffee room and drinking water dispenser are also in the worst condition and employees are often found cleaning the mess. I would request you to please solve it at your earliest convenience as I had a severe stomachache last day.

The cleaning staff is either found absent from office premises or they remain busy with their stuff which does not include their responsibilities towards cleaning the offices. It is very infuriating and quite vexatious to work in such an environment. I had talked in this regard with the cleaning supervisor, but he promised to make things in order within three days.

It has been two weeks now, but the situation is still the same. It is affecting work productivity and I cannot concentrate properly on work. The situation has been quite miserable, and a foul smell is found everywhere. Kindly take this letter as a request to consider this matter at a suitable time and find a possible solution for it. A healthy and clean environment motivates its workers to work better.

In case of noncompliance, we would be compelled to revoke the contract with your company. Moreover, legal action would be taken for not serving the promise.

We do not want to escalate this matter; therefore, it is requested of you reprimand your staff or make a replacement. Thank you.

Letter writing Cleaning Company for Bad Services


Re. Warning for Not Providing Cleaning Services Properly

Dear [NAME],

This letter aims to complain to you about the poor services offered by your provider related to housekeeping. I am [NAME] and I work as an [POSITION] in [NAME] Organization.

As I cannot manage household activities along with my job, therefore, I had relied on cleaning services for keeping my house tidy. For the past few weeks, I have been noticing that the cleaner is not executing her work duties properly.

The kitchen often remains dirty, and the dishes are found in the sink. The bathrooms are even not washed daily. We are a family of six members and the laundry is done after ten days which keeps the house messy. If not cleaned properly; the house gives the picture of a dirty zone and germy.

I had asked the cleaner many times to pay heed to clean attentively but no positive change has been seen in the cleaning pattern.

Therefore, I request your company to please provide me with an energetic and responsible cleaner that can take proper care and maintenance of the house at best. I shall be highly grateful if you make this replacement.

Otherwise, I will be compelled to hire a cleaning service from any other company. I hope this letter would serve its purpose and that immediate action would be taken. Thank you.

Letter writing Cleaning Company for Bad Services

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