Warning Letter to Teacher for Using Mobile Phone in Class

A warning letter is a piece of document written by the employer to the employee for any of his acts of misconduct, violence, or poor performance. Through the warning letter, the employee intends to tell his employee that his behavior is upsetting the working environment of the company and that if he continues to move ahead with the same attitude then serious action may be taken against him.

Warning letters are thought to be the most reliable yet safest means of resolving a conflict within an organization. It is important to mention here that waning letters are written when verbal warnings have already been given but it failed to produce the desired outcome.

The tone of the letter should not be harsh which would, in turn, make the reader act in a reverse direction as desired by you as an employee. In the opening paragraph, the employee is told of his mistake. He is further intimated of problems arising due to his mistake.

After telling the employee of his mistake, in the second paragraph the employer tells the employee of his value in the organization. He moves on by stating his hard work and efforts done for the organization.

In the third and the last paragraph, the employee is told that if he continues to act in the same way as he is currently doing, serious action shall be taken against him. The employer makes him aware of the consequences of not holding back from what he is doing.

Sample letter

Mr. Meezo,
ABC school, West wood.

Miss Jennet
English teacher
ABC school, West wood.

Dated: 17th November, 20XX

Respected Miss Jennet,

This is to inform you that you have been caught once again talking on a mobile phone during your class. It has not been late since we had earlier warned you of not using the mobile phone during class hours.

Two weeks back when a delegate of teachers was present at our school for monitoring our way of teaching. We were taking them to different classrooms for observation and when we came to your class, we found you talking over the phone. It was certainly a moment of embarrassment for us. Your behavior depicted a negative image of our school which was not good at all.

The following week again, when you had called upon a parent of a student of yours, you were caught talking on the phone which is not allowed in the school during the class as a result of which the parent complained regarding your behavior. I had previously warned you verbally of your talking over the phone nature, but it seems that if you had ignored what I had said. It is due to which I was forced to write you a warning letter to stop attending phone calls during class hours.

Jennet, you have been serving our school for the past two years and it would not be wrong to say that you had given excellent results through your performance but this behavior of yours is certainly upsetting me and all others related to you. You are a good teacher, but you need to stop talking over the phone during class.

Through this letter, I intend to warn you of your actions otherwise you will be dealt with strictly. I hope to see a positive change in you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Meezo
ABC school

Warning Letter to Teacher for Using Mobile Phone in Class

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